We’ve got more choices…

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Being morbidly obese is hard in this society….

Being morbidly obese with disabilities that predated the obesity and are separate from it….is harder.

Let’s say you begin to exersize and your health improves.

You watch salt for blood pressure

You watch sugar to avoid diabetes.

But since you have a long way to go, you’re going to look Fat Enough to Laugh At for a long time.

There’s something besides comic fatshaming or extreme medical intervention…that we can do, and I think, should do.

I have a heavyset friend who weighs in only a bit more than myself…and yet she stays away from social events,  from movies, or the parks, or church.

She isolates herself *by choice* and she admits part of the reason is so she won’t have to endure any staring or pointing, laughter, rude comments.

I’m a fat broad and I won’t do that.  No one said you had to ‘get out less’ because you were fat.

I don’t know, the most I might do is choose not to eat in public, but even that seems extreme.

[It’s because I’ve had total strangers point at what’s on my plate and ask me if I should be eating that. So I don’t eat desserts in restaurants  anymore.  But the inquiry by strangers hasn’t stopped.  It now goes to quantity. [“….do you really think you should be eating that much?”]

Will people be happy when I bring one of those little trays from the diet dinners to restaurants with me, or will they still get publicly nuts about the four bites in those trays ?

But I won’t isolate myself.  It will be infrequent, but when family and friends are around to help me get around I’ll go visiting, I’ll hit the park I’ll go to films, theatre, religious observance.

I think fat folks make it harder on themselves when they hide away.

Being fat is tough enough.  Don’t make it worse.  Make a conscious decision to connect, to socialize, with friends and family.

You’ve got  to  feed your soul.  You’ve got to feed your mind, your emotional life.  Your creativity.



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Fox as life coach….

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for former SC Governor Mark Sanford…????!!!!!!???? Per Countdown, Sanford is going to be a Fox Contributor? WTF?

I need a fainting couch. And not in a good way.

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It’s going to be one of those:

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1. You have to be from Cleveland for these jokes to be funny, and even then,
2. These jokes aren’t funny, unless you remember seeing them (or their incredibly  less funny heir apparent, The Ghoul) when you were a kid.

Anyway, here are some youtube clips of Ghoulardi…I’m kinda amazed at what he got away with, even if it was late at night. I gotta say I like his rambling disorganization better than MST3k. Although MST3k did beat “Houlihan and Big Chuck,” and “Big Chuck and Little John,” all to hell.

Youtube linkage below:  if they don’t work, just go to YT and hit Ghoulardi.


Mail Bag : Contract bridge H8 Parma H8 and poker.

Stay Sick

Book Tour

“And Now The Movie, Folks!”


——and then the Ghoul that makes me cringe  in comparison—-




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Holding your breath ’till you’re blue in the face…

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Yes, that would be this bright light from the Tea Party.

She would only make this statement if she could afford to hire no new employees through November of next year…and that’s precisely why she made it.

Because no patriotic American business that actually needed to hire people wouldn’t proudly wear the “Job Creator” label and hire people.

Because no patriotic American business that needed to hire people wouldn’t relish the thought of taking Americans off of private charity or welfare or unemployment in order that they rediscover the dignity of work and, as individuals cease to be a part of the tax burden….

Any American business that would deliberately prolong poverty by freezing necessary hiring in order to achieve a political end….is not a patriotic American business.  End of story

The too-strong-tea here:


I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.

I hereby declare that my job creation potential is now ceased. [sic]

“I’m on strike!”



I wonder how many Tea Party Republicans in her area need jobs (?) and would gladly work for her if she hired them…hmmm?

Nothing like denying a way out of poverty to  one of your own to try to score political points.  So professional.  So classy.  So lost your mind.

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Have you ever seen writing from someone you know…And that writing got published….even though that was so awful that you wondered…”How in the holy hell did this ever get published?” I’m pouting a bit…because this is a clear example of worldly success resting on someone I never would have thought could do that.

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