Intersection of voters with disabilities

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and the new voting requirements that will make voting more problematic for PWD’s

Back in  April, the NYT did an article listing the parameters of the new requirements in general, and now AAPD is focusing in on just how the new rules undercut HAVA’s intent to make it easier for persons with disabilities to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

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The Koch Brothers: It’s the Real Thing

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From progressive too (they cite their source as Open…here is a list of the candidates the Koch brothers contributed to…as well as the amounts they spent.

Color me profoundly unsurprised at the names on the list. Many of them were/are part of the Tea Party.

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Kasich Korner

May 26, 2011 at 6:54 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

According to a poll by PPP…if the election were held today the present governor would lose by 25 points…

h/t  to  Talking Points Memo.

Then, there’s this offhand comment at TPM regarding Ohio voters and Kasich approval rating…by a commenter identifying themselves as Rick Parris:

RickParris 41 minutes ago
Clearly Ohio needs more true believing GOPers. It’s not that Kasich is wrong. Heavens no. Its that his voting population is too liberal. The solution is to start eliminating the voters from the equation. THEN real progress could be made.

Um what? Unless this is snark…’eliminating voters?’

Wouldn’t that stand in the way of, oh, I don’t know…Law and order, not to mention the Constitution?

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A slur too far…

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While I disagree with Laura Ingrahan’s politics, Ed Schultz calling her a ‘slut’ was completely wrong.  Inexcusable.

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Oh, hell, why don’t you just give them everything they want?

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I’m so freaking tired of people talking about playing around with Medicare. If the right has been backpedaling away at a frantic rate from Mr. Ryan’s plan, a near election year is not the time to say, Okay, cuts are on the table…” but apparently, Hoyer has done so.

According to Talking Points Memo, requoted at the Great Orange Satan:

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