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First, I want to be really clear:

I love, love love my new accessible apartment as I’ve said. I would never do anything to diss the place. It’s great.

I completely understand why there are security cameras in a building like this: The primary and obvious reason for it is the safety of persons with disabilities and their aides…And there are security cameras at all outside entrances for the same reason. Whether we like it or not PWD’s are viewed by predators and any other category of Bad People as easier prey than the able-bodied, so I do agree that these are good things. Keep them here. I feel safer with them than without them.

I am troubled though, because in the wider world during the last ten years it has been made clearer than ever that “any” use of those cameras or footage from them that the government believes to be necessary…they’ll get used for.

In addition, my particular apartment’s placement leaves me open for extra viewing because the security camera for one of the front doors is a 360 degree thing as they all are and coincidentally can see straight into my desk when the curtains aren’t at least partially pulled…so, the curtains are now always partially pulled when I’m on the computer…I’m sorry, but nobody gets to mind my business that easily.

And all my curtain pulling could be useless because the safety thing might actually extend inside…and there could be one in here too…

And on the lighter side, once I realized there were “eyes in the sky” in the hallways, I thought “oops, better not just have socks on my feet when I roll for the mail, the trash, the laundry room”…have to have shoes on in order to meet the place’s guidelines.
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