More on unpaid home healthcare

August 30, 2014 at 7:40 AM (Uncategorized)

Independent health care providers gone unpaid for…:

Agencies that employ home health care workers are affected as well. They are not getting paid. The letters from Ohio Medicaid and the Society for Homecare and Hospice are particularly telling.

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Watch “Home care aides not getting paid, may be forced t…” on YouTube

August 30, 2014 at 7:28 AM (Uncategorized)

Home care aides not getting paid, may be forced t…:

Aetna is pulling the same stunt Caresource did…not paying independent home health aides.

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August 28, 2014 at 11:59 AM (Uncategorized)

Another post from a friend of mine made me think about this today. I wish I could fit three names for last name not just two, because all three of these names are important to me for different reasons. The first is the last name I was born with my biological father’s last name. They’re a quick tempered, quick witted charming people full of inventiveness creativity and humor. I’m not as in touch with as many of them as I would like to be but I have repaired the relationship somewhat. The distance is in part my fault. 

Because  of the difficulties in my father’s life I came to be ambivalent about his name and the connotations it brought with it. I thought in error that it gave me nothing but negative and that I had no use for it. ( I realized later how wrong that was and reached out to my uncles aunts and cousins and really recognize the wonderful things that family has always brought to me.)
That happened to coincide with the decade I got married in and it was very much an incentive to do the old school thing to take my husband’s name.   It was shorter more concise, and felt like stability and a fresh start after the chaos that my father’s difficulties had brought into my adolescence.

I am very grateful now that I did that, took my husband’s last name. That name feels like a touchstone a link back to his family his feelings his interests and all of the good things that he gave me as part of the marriage. It’s an important thing to carry around with you. Should my life change so much that I would consider marrying again, that might be the only time I’d feel I could change that name.

I do use my father’s name now as a middle name on some social media platforms so that high school friends can find me. Because I feel I should have been this double handled person all along, carry both names at the same time and better late than never
but I’ve managed to do it.

What’s really annoyed me though these last 30 or so years since my parents got divorced. I would have liked to carry around my mother’s maiden name  to celebrate all of my family members who carry that name just like I celebrate my husband and just like I celebrate my father’s people. My mother’s people have had just as much if not more to do with the person I am today and the support system I have today and the people I am blessed to call my friends as well as my family.  It has always felt wrong that their name doesn’t hang anywhere on me so I think I’m going to try to appropriate it as a second middle name on my social media platform.  (Maybe Twitter. Facebook is kinda full.)  Like my newest cousin Emily who very succinctly and clearly delineated what her name means to her and why a four handle name would be too long for checks or official documents… Four names are too much.  I couldn’t carry it around in the offline world very easily but maybe I can make a corner here in my online presence for that last name to be added to the others so that all three of the last  names I want to carry with me  get the respect they deserve.

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This will be short

August 13, 2014 at 8:34 AM (Uncategorized)

Because the famous and the ordinary have already weighed in on this.

Chemical depression is a very real thing. I have so many family members who have dealt with it. On both sides of the gene pool. it’s a disease the same as any other. It does not denote cowardice or weakness or will in those who suffer from it. 

I’ve been suicidal twice in my life . I’m really only still here because the first time I was  inept. ( couldn’t manage to jump off a roof  correctly.) the second time I realized I needed help almost as quickly as those thoughts came.  Doesn’t make me a coward or weak willed. What I wish for anyone who has had those thoughts is that they weren’t  by themselves at the time that they had them because it seems to me that the odds of surviving suicidal ideation go up if you’re not by yourself when those thoughts come on. And that’s my only wish about Robin Williams situation is that he hadn’t been by himself when those thoughts came on.

So Mr. Limbaugh, depression is not a political attitude, contrary to what you said

And Fox News, Robin Williams was not a coward.

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Thank you

August 3, 2014 at 2:28 PM (Uncategorized)

Thank you home health aides for making it possible for me to hang out at my house. Thank you home health aides for making it possible for me to visit with people at church or visit with people in the community. Thank you home health aides for helping me keep my home safe. Thank you home health aides for making sure my activities of daily living get done.  Thank you home health aides for being as persistent as I have been in trying to fix the Caresource problem, while still providing uncompensated care.  And thank you home health aides even for helping me get ready for a day in which I made dumbass mistakes.  ( check the Weather Channel before you go out. Thank God for umbrellas.)

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