Deferred: The Sequel…Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love My Local Government.

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Dear Elections Commission:

If you want to reassure voters that you’ve got this error in hand, that the 10,000 missing mail in ballots have been rescued from the secret underground bunker that Tom Tancredo and Marilyn Musgrave put them in, that it’s all being corrected by serious, earnest, intelligent people…

Wait, no, I’ll just hit the robocall itself.

Disclaimer, the dates I will mention are *exactly as told to me in a robocall:*

Evidently those of us found to be condemmed to the Island of Lost Ballots, had to be notified by phone today.

The recorded message said, in part…

“These ballots will be mailed to you from the Denver Post Office on Monday October 27th”

…Mail In Ballots should be postmarked by Friday, October 27th.”

I’ll say it slowly:

*If *you* *want* *to* *actually* *work* *for* *a* *living* *you* *might* *try* *checking* *a* *calendar* *before* *hitting* *the* *Record/Play* button on that 1978 vintage audio cassette recorder used to capture the recording.

Unless of course they’re using one of those pesky time machines (borrowed from Time Tunnel, Trek, The Bullwinkle cartoons, or that curve-wrecker Hermoine Granger of the ‘Harry Potter’ books/films..) and delivering the ballots to some future year that will have a ‘Friday October 27th’ in it.

Can we send the ElectionFolk to summer school?

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Apparently, whether through human error or some other less innocent reason…My mail in ballot was supposed to be mailed to me on October15 2008, and was not sent because:

from the elections website:

The Elections Division was informed on Friday, October 24, that part of one batch of mail ballots that we expected to be mailed to Denver voters on October 15 were not delivered by our ballot printing vendor, Sequoia Voting Systems.

And here, I checked my mail in ballot’s status….

and, unsurprisingly…. Myself and the roomate were in the ‘missing’ part of the batch, those are being mailed October 27th….

And they’re begging those of us with missing to-be-mailed ballots to not do early voting until we’re sure we havent gotten them, in other words by October 28th, since voters here requested 180,000 mail in ballots


After what happened here in 2006, why am I even suprised….

and it appears from Sequoia Voting Systems website and info regarding a lawsuit from the 2004 elections, reliable is not a word one would use to describe them

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Whew, that was close

September 17, 2008 at 8:53 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Thought the change of address had already been handled by the Election Division here, but it had not…they are sending me out a change of address form to fill out. had I not called them, I could have been unable to vote in the general.

Since I’m still within Denver County…that will pose no problem.

Their Election Division site has a lot of detail on who is eligible, and how overseas voting, early voting and mail in voting are handled.

The deadline is October 6th at 5 pm…but there are some situations where persons wishing to register outside the deadline can do so: (from the Elections Division site)

Emergency Registration
You may register to vote in an election after the voter registration deadline has passed if you appear in person at the Denver Elections Division, declare under oath that you wish to vote in the election and precinct for which the deadline was missed, and attest under oath to one of the following conditions:

* You were registered to vote in another Colorado county, moved to Denver County prior the deadline, but failed to register prior to the deadline.
* You applied to register to vote prior to the deadline using a federal post card application or mail registration application.
* You registered with a voter registration drive prior to the deadline and are able to produce a receipt from the registration form you filled out or state the location of the voter registration drive and provide an approximate date that you filled out the registration form.
* You registered at another agency under the National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter): Department of Motor Vehicles, Human Services, Social Services etc.

Sadly when I voted in the primary earlier this summer, the pollster said of me and the roomate: “That’ll push us up into double digits at this polling place today.”

Since I’m a Star Trek fan, I’ll close with a favorite quote from one of the series of books written about the show…. Spock and McCoy discussing the electoral process on Vulcan:

“Doctor, the Vulcan word for ‘idiot’ is derived from an older Vulcan word meaning ‘one who fails to participate in civil affairs…”*

*From ‘Spock’s World,’ by Diane Duane

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Well there goes any pretense at exciting election night coverage

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So, two things.

I watch MSNBC for my newstainmentaganda fix.

And, Election Night Coverage, since Russert is gone….would have had Olbermann and the occasionally tolerable Chris Matthews to fly around the participants and returns and poke at some problems.

About one fifth as good as Russert, but at least not the video equivalent of mashed bananas, rice cakes and undercooked potatoes.

David Gregory, the nursing-home-food of newsanchors has replaced them.

Gawd what a bore.

if it really was because of an offmike attitude/onmike gaffe….

Jeebus Olbermann, for the love of everything you’ve been jabbing at about the current administration for the last three years couldn’t you have waited until *after* the election to be caught with your offscreen attitude?

Nope, you havent been let go…

Countdown is still there.

But whether this was mutual or not, you’ve effectively been banished from the ringside seat of the arena where the direction of the country will get decided in November.

Thanks a bunch.

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My first primary post

January 24, 2008 at 7:01 PM (Uncategorized) ()

to the Dems–stop this picking at each other BS…war needs stopped, economy needs help. *quit* *stop* …. (and Bill? *it isn’t about *you* anymore! Gawd! Sit down and shut up.)

I can’t help one of the candidates *win* if you keep shooting yourselves in the foot!

And the Republicans–fer gossake, give me McCain because, if he wins the general well, he knows what torture is and isn’t confused about that. (I oppose most everything else about him. I just oppose the others more.)

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