There and back again…

November 30, 2008 at 2:14 PM (Uncategorized)

Been to Ohio this weekend…

The aunts’ thanksgiving  meal was superb as usual…She is more than the linchpin of my mother’s family, she’s the North Star to all our compasses…we’d be lost without her and her earnest gentle husband.  Their 40th anniversary was this November….

Saw the cousin TheRealJournalist, and we talked steadily around and behind most others at the table about Star Trek, to the amusement of the rest of them, quoting lines that prove we are still the Best Trek Nerds Ever. (quote follows that will only make sense to Trek Nerds, so the rest can skip it

Him:”I don’t recognize your authority to relieve *ME*… You’re bluffing.”

Me: “Vulcans…never…bluff…”

Him: “No…I don’t suppose that they do.”

With apologies to William Windom, Leonard Nimoy and the writer of the original series eppy, “The Doomsday Machine…”

My other cousin was away, and I missed her calls, but maybe I’ll catch her in the summer of 2010

Went to the busy, intimate musical clock shop of my stepfather…he played hooky for an hour and we chatted at his workbench…while the roomate, who used to be a jewler, was fascinated by the intricate process and pieces of clock repair…and sweet and unexpected, he gifted me with a partial payoff of my travel expense….

And the ecomomy can’t be all bad.  Somebody bought a grandfather clock for 4500 while we were there.

Went to the bakery next door, and had a maple roll… the good smells reminded me of Hough, the local Northeastern Ohio chain that proliferated when I was young

A substory that I find annoying….an uncle that I’ll call the Loyal Opposition, a Republican’s Republican now has a sweet lovely significant other from Canada, that means he gets a lot of dumb questions at the border.

“Is that your friend who’s a girl, or your girlfriend?”

and even more intrusive: “How do you know her?”

Will *these* sorts of questions protect us from the next nut with a plan of attack?  I think not.  And my uncle, as profoundly as we differ on politics is for Crissake one of the good guys.

The next night, more catching up and More Turkey…Jet lag+triptophan means even I shut up.  And an unexpected gift…an IPOD…when I began this blog in 2005 I was a proud Luddite about them, swore I’d never get one, well….

I’m going to build mine as a direct timeline of all the stuff I love…Starting with the choral work of Palestrina, thru quickly to Beethoven piano sonatas, Chopin, and Rachmaninov…then Ravel, Gershwin, Judy Garland, Billie Holiday Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, Jackie Wilson, Nat King Cole, Ben E. King, Brubeck, Beatles, some Stones, early and late Clapton, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Genesis early and late, Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Elton John, Billy Joel,  Suzanne Vega, Annie Lenox, Paula Cole, Brian Setzer, Matchbox Twenty,  and one left over Cristina Agulera song…

But I can put 700 songs on this thing…700?!

I’ll never fill it up.

Then went to Columbus, visited with the Longtime Friend The Artist…took digital pictures of the latest renovation of his place….discussed family, food, spirituality…and ate More Turkey!  Gawd if I ate anymore I’d be gobbling.

(And anybody ever had cannoli cake?  The flavor of the great pastries built into a cake…YUM!)

Today, however…

Sick on the airplane, and even before the airplane…never happened before, …then when we got there…a cabbie basically refused me as a fare (because I had “too much stuff” and he didn’t want to deal with the wheelchair…and cussed out the people who were trying to help me find another, so I completely let loose on him, went all McWherter on his @ss ( My biological father’s family term for an explosive rant full of cussin’) and felt lousy about it afterwards…I’ve been trying mightily to keep my temper in check as I get older (and get better meds for the bipolar thing)  I’m a (too) mature adult now, and need to set a better tone instead of being the Eternal Loudmouthed Brat.

I’m home, and my light’s a little dimmer since I said goodbye to them….but there are no jobs there, and there *are* too many emotional boobytraps (for example, I happen to be driving down an interstate and Lynnrd Sknnrd’s “Freebird” is playing, and I’m suddenly back in 1977 zooming down another freeway with my then-17 year old boyfriend, with Freebird also blasting out of the windows… bittersweet…) so it’s getting more and more unlikely that I’ll ever move back there permanently…

But you have too keep in touch with where you come from….so as not to become completely lost in the mundane present or the anxiety inducing future.

I spoke briefly with my maternal parent, but did not visit.

It is a necessary choice at the moment…but that doesn’t make it sound any less horrid to the uninitiated…”She flew 1300 miles and didn’t see her own *MOTHER?*


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A hierarchy I’d never considered.

November 20, 2008 at 7:03 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

If one has an impairment, and has been coming to a community center, school, church for a long long time, naturally they see a certain handicapped parking spot as ‘theirs.’

But, if a newbie shows up with the same type of impairment and parks there first, because they got there first, odd exchanges like this ensue:

“Are you just dropping off?”


“Well she [indicating their impaired family member] needs the handicapped space.”

“So does she..” [indicating the newbie]

Two impairments, same level of impairment, full parking lot only one gimp spot available.


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Go to the intersections…

November 9, 2008 at 10:30 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

Of the Obama Administration.

Here are two more conduits to encourage a successful dialogue between the new administration and people with disabilities:

First, if you want to be considered to advocate in, and work for the new administration,  the American Associaton for People with Disabilities is building a talent bank with resumes of interested individuals.

send your resumes to resumes at aapd dot com via email.  It’s open til March 2009.

And second, send good ideas to the incoming administration directly at their new site here.

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November 5, 2008 at 6:43 AM (Uncategorized)

Everyone in the world is writing about this, and I was just too wired up and watching the returns to write last night….

Ohio, my home state, went blue.  I am shaking my head.

Colorado, my resident state *also* went blue.  I’m *doubly* shaking my head (but pleased that time, and money of mine may have helped a bit…) because there are so many more registered Republicans than Democrats here.  The many unaffiliated voters obviously closed the deal.

But what we’ve signed up for is *hard work.*  Party now and roll up the sleeves tomorow.

And there were all the gay marriage bans that passed that run counter to the course of the country turning bluer….I understand that there was a serious infusion of cash from Utah to California that influenced the passage of Prop 8 there.  So we’ve elected a president of both African and Caucasian descent, but still fear the GLBT community. Hmmm.

The economy, the war(s), before any of the warm and fuzzy stuff gets handled.  And many many more will lose jobs during this year… (We’re utterly clear in my office that *no one’s* job is certain.)

My unashamed tears last night came when he mentioned “disabled vs non-disabled” again, as a division that can fall by the wayside under his administration.

Every person that helped elect him…they are the reason, the victors.  It’s not about him, and I hope he sees that pretty clearly, since, lets face it, he’s an ambitious dude.

And, since I’m *not* warm and fuzzy, a little partisan vengeance:

I wonder what Dobson is thinking, heh.

Signing statements are down for the count, as of January.

He’s a Constitutional scholar so he’ll protect it,

And the thought of the present administration having to make nice with the Obama people during transition…Delicious.

Goodbye Mr. Vice President Cheney

Goodbye Mr. President Bush.

Don’t let the screendoor hit your backside on the way out…

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I haven’t done one in a whle so…[rant mode on]

November 2, 2008 at 12:12 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

When did being *smart* become a bad thing?

It’s true, I suck at sicence, but the stuff that will save the planet, the medical advances that help me keep going, the elegance of sound engineering,  the-career-I-would-have-loved had I been able-bodied, archaeology, the long reach and great guesses of physics…the weird interdependence of natural and man made chemistry and how we’re well on our way to permanently messing that up….

All of this is both intensely interesting and important to know about.

But we’re told, being smart, is by it’s very nature elitist and exclusionary.

Only NOT.

It’s what smart people do with their knowlege and talent that divides the snobs like Peter Singer, who you’d as soon smack as look at (“How *can* somebody so obviously bright be so *&^%ing stupid!?!!), Or Cheney who absolutely saw nothing wrong in using his canniness to build an empire, from the folks who use both the hard and soft sciences to try to get a handle on what is going on around us, sometimes even agenda free.  Non partisan.

Just the facts.

But being smart is wrong, see, since man and dinosaurs walked at the same time, and global warming is the wrath of G-d, and the world *had* to have started just over five thousand of our man made years ago, so forget archaeology and geology and zoology and biology….just forget it because it might call some brands of faith belief into question.

At this juncture, (and yes there’s been a slow shift since 2005-6) I believe in a God.

My belief in God doesn’t make me distrust science in the least.  As a matter of fact, the Grand Canyon, the complexities of the insides of any car, medicines that work, and the incredible number of species of animal…seem to me to cement my belief in God *more,* not less.

Millions of years of geologic evidence do not, for me, threaten my sense that God exists.

Even if I moved away from belief in any God again…Science wouldn’t be the thing that would push me away.

Willful ignorance might, but science wouldn’t.

Science is nobody’s friend or enemy.  It’s just a map, an imperfect one that does have to be revised from time to time (as a fellow blogger reminded me recently when mentioning Greenspans admission that he’d have to reexamine his belief about the way the ‘soft’ science of economics works)…

A map that will definitely be one of the things that helps us (the world) get out of the mess we’re in.

[rant mode off]

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