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I’m as clueless as they come, because I’ve left any of my clues in an alternate universe…

“Oh wow, I’m running for president” Santorum… has said something that I believe is the second dumbest falsehood I’ve heard all month.

From Yahoo news, not some partisan site:

While discussing John McCain’s speech on torture Santorum indicated, “he (McCain) doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works…”

Oh. My. God.

Does Santorum know about the brutal treatment McCain underwent?
Does Santorum know that the recent speech was about info McCain asked for and received from the director of the CIA?

I’ll bet he does and doesn’t give a ****. After all he just came from working on Fox News.

Does Santorum think the present director of the CIA is as credible as “slam-dunk” Tenant was?

You know, the present director involved in the mission to get UBL?

Well, it might have been in the back of Santorum’s head someplace because he did try to walk it back a few minutes later.

“Maybe McCain has better information than I do…”

Ya Think? Really? Personal experience and better information, you barking idiot.

I may have disagreements with McCain on most other policy matters, but I am lost as to how someone in his own party can question his veracity about torture, or his current information request (very reliable IMO.) and how his past experience informs uh, the facts about the “value” of enhanced interrogation.

And I say again, throwing up my hands…not using any bleeding heart arguments…the minute we crossed the line in this series of wars and started torture and rendition, we opened up the way for our enemies to feel they have more room to use this stuff against our troops, the young men and women fighting for us. They might have hesitated before, but sure not since we began using “enhanced interrogation” That’s a win?

I can’t believe the Republican bench is so light that they’ve had Santorum, Newt, and God save us, Trump…in the running for the nod.

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