Health care reform: If we lose the public option

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this is what they’ll do

Some of the 47 million will sign up for our current private insurance.

Perhaps insurance companies will no longer be able to exclude them for preexisting conditions. Well and good.

Perhaps this rescission BS will be a thing of the past, too. Well and good.

Perhaps there will be a provision limiting caps on out of pocket expenses.


One specific thing is missing. It’s my understanding that the right and/or Blue Dogs are not doing one blessed thing to regulate….

Premium expense increases over time.

It may start out affordable with both sides claiming victory.

They may not be able to drop you, or not take you due to a preexisting condition….

But they can, and will, certain as politicians lie, price you out of the market as fast as they can.

They can craft a sensible, logical reason to up your premiums once you’re in….and then, it’ll be health care or food, not just for those presently covered by a private plan — but for any of the 47 million who thought, “Well at least I can get some insurance”….and sign up.

In other non health types of insurance, if you see a sudden insanely large increase, and you’ve had no claim history, and no financial changes, sure as heck the company has decided to price a given group or area out of the market.

And, that’s what the private companies will do, if ‘reform’ passes without a public option.

I understand the art of the possible, and even embrace it.

But without the public option

It’s merely an opportunity tfor the private carriers to price people out of the system over time…some will fall, as I have, below the poverty line and thence to Medicare/Medicaid.

But many many many of the present un and under insured will (over time) simply be priced out.

Death Pricing. Brought to you by the USA

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This aint the express line

July 14, 2009 at 10:14 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

My understanding is that the healthcare bill now heading for markup in Congress (the house) faces a specific type of targeting by lobbyists of private health insurers (or big pharma, or those corporations against a public option) that is traditional.

They pay folks to stand in line so that lobbyists can take that spot in line, and sit in all the public seating in the room in which the markup is held , blackberry congressional staffers as to what is and is not acceptable, (I’d imagine theres some indirect verbiage assuring said Congresscritter that a drop in contributions to reelect is imminent unless the public option gets killed.

Thankfully, groups that are finding out about this are asking people to come to DC and do a little line standing of their own.

This bill does not have the Community Choice Act as part of it, so I’m not happy with it.

But I’d be less happy with no bill at all. I wish I could go to DC and stand in line. So healthcare reform isn’t killed before it starts.

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Public Option Part II: Do you wish he was dead?

July 9, 2009 at 6:34 PM (Uncategorized) (, , )

Dear Congress:

I’ve written about him here.  He’s an early middle age working class guy.  He’s been trying to work off a mountain of debt, but like Sisyphus pushing the rock, he never quite did…He has a wife (also not employed right now) and a dog.  Up until December he had a job.

(Guess that unlike super rich Wall Streeters his employer was not too big to fail.)

Shortly afterward (33 days I think) he was diagnosed with throat cancer.  He was uninsured. Somehow…he got the treatment he needed at a Bigshot Reasearch  Hospital, which parenthetically, was the same hospital that treated me for cancer and saved my life back in 1991.

Because of that, I was brimming with positive when I spoke to him.  They’d saved me, they would save him.

No doubt.

And they did.  He’s recovering now.  I couldn’t be happier.

He got his first bill this week for the twelve weeks of inpatient radiation.


He just looked at it and laughed.  You have to when you get a bill that big.

What the hell else can you do?

And who loses?  He does because a bankruptcy just went through on earlier bills, so this one cannot go on it.

The Bigshot Teaching Hospital also loses because instead of being reimbursed for less than they’d like to be…they get nothing. Nada.  Not a Dime.

If he’d had a Public Option he could have been subsidized under…

the teaching hospital would have gotten *some* reimbursement for his care.

What would the opponents of health care reform have done, I wonder…said, “Make him go away?”

I suppose I should be glad there isn’t a “Futile Care,” law in his state yet…

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Health Care: Tell the Internets but not the TV watchers

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Paul Begala said the media has been falling all over itself not to cover health care, and berated the Post and NYT for not sharing the key evidence that private plans will still dump subscribers any time they damn well feel like it. C span video proof:

Online CNN geeks and online newshounds got the messsage.

But everyone with a TV needs to see that hearing clip and they wont.

ABC’s going to talk about health care – with the administration seal of approval – I can almost see the “Public Option” picket sign with the media running *away* from it.

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Public Option a fight worth winning

June 18, 2009 at 11:21 AM (Uncategorized) (, )

Dear Senate:

Your constituents are dying
Your constiuents are bankrupt due to medical costs.
Your constituents are denied heathcare coverage under the current system due to so many factors from preexisting conditions to sexual orientation
Your constituents are risking costly emergency care by avoiding earlier preventive coverage since they are uninsured.
Your constituents who are insured are stuck with high deductible junk insurance through their employers, and their economic solvency is threatened as well.
Suck it up, spit in the eye of the lobbyists, and do what’s right for your constituents, or you may not have any constituents if you decide to run for reelection.

Plain and simple: public option Now. No obfuscation, no caving, no whining. Do It Now.

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