Up the Mountain Part Two

May 29, 2006 at 8:07 AM (Colorado Weather and Outdoors)

Also see “Up the Mountain Part One for more pics

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I’ll be here ’til I’m not.

May 28, 2006 at 7:32 PM (cancer, On Being Fat) ()

Every so often (more often than I like) I have to wrestle with people who mean well.

I was a person who ate too much of what is known as “junk food.” That was at least three years gone, and possibly further back than that. By 1998 I realized I was severely lactose intolerant and that caffeinated soda (yes, diet sodas too) made me almost as ill as milk did.

Now, I don’t have “junk food” in my house, because my roomate is a type II diabetic.

Also, due to a medical condition, the things I ought to eat are rather limited, cutting across what the rest of the world sees as “bad” (Limit servings of high sugar, high fat food because I get ill if I don’t. ), as well as quite a few foods that the world cannot believe aren’t “healthy,” for me, (only allowed to eat small servings at the end of the meal of: raw or cooked veggies, items high in whole grain, citric acid or tomato based sauces, or fruit) and rarely or *never* (foods high in insolulble fiber, nuts, seeds, or fruit with seeds in it like strawberries, popcorn, caffienated drinks, dairy without Lactaid, [milk, milk based sauces, milk in baked goods, cheeses,yogurt, ice cream. ] Provided I have Lactaid with me, a single slice of cheese on a sandwich or a small amount of milk used in cooking a sauce or baked good is fine, but I have to be paranoid about labels or recipes.

I’m still extremely overweight and likely to remain that way. But, my health is good, my blood pressure low.

To everyone who when seeing me, feels they *must* weigh in (shudder.)

I’m not stupid, and I know what my family history contains, in terms of health problems. Unlike some others I can look them in the face and admit to them in public.

I’ll be here till I’m not, and if I can figure out a way to schedule some exersize, (Work makes me tired, and I find it extremely hard to motivate myself to do more than that eight hour shift…) perhaps continue to come down more than the forty pounds I’ve already lost.

I can’t stress this enough.

I’ll be here ’til I’m not. That’s okay. Really.

I wasn’t expected to survive when I was born with bad vision and cerebral palsy. I did.

I was married to someone with a terminal illness I could have caught myself. I didn’t catch it because I can read labels on prophylactics and I was quite lucky.

I had cancer. I had to take medicine that made me gain 100 pounds to *survive* as part of my chemotherapy.I’ve survived more than fifteen years since my diagnosis, and more than 14 years since my last appointment with my hometown oncologist when he said I was in remission.

I’m still here, and I really wish family and friends would focus on the full part of the glass, rather than *their* expectations I have not met.

I’ll be here ’till I’m not, and if you’re not happy with how I’m handling now, that’s your problem.

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Resist the List…

May 28, 2006 at 10:37 AM (Uncategorized)

There are persons in my circle who are right most of the time.
Some love organization…I myself have a huge problem with it.
If people I know try to organize me and my space I generaly refuse their ideas on principle. Even if they’re right.
Some other ideas I resist…

Exersise (Thanks, no, it *hurts!*)
A specific bin, or hanger or space for shoes, wheelchair footplates, coats, or keys…(the roomie may mutiny if I don’t figure that one out soonest)

One such thing is listmaking…
People hate ’em. As, here
It’s annoying.
It’s very damaging to one’s self esteem. Because there’s that *one thing* that you forget…
it never gets finished!

Resist the List!

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Reading "Too Late to Die Young"

May 28, 2006 at 9:35 AM (Books)

This isn’t going to be a deep review, just a note touching on the things that resonate for me.

It was a pleasure reading someone *else* saying that we don’t have time to be disability issues sensitivity trainers…

The friendly, pragmatic discussion between the author and their late stage AIDS client…”So, tell me, what happens when I croak?” and the discussion of legal matters free of careful speech and full of laughter.

The “Through the Looking Glass,” feel of the author’s debate with a scholar who is quite forthright about wishing that our type of lives…weren’t.

Her obvious warm affection for Charleston SC, her hometown…

Her run in with the Secret Service and a Presidential speechifying event during President Regan’s term…one can only *imagine* what the *present* administration might have done, were they having to roust a PWD out of their home and try to impose a search on them today…

Being annoyed for a brief moment that there was so much going on in disability activism while I was just cluelessly living my life

Being annoyed for another brief moment that the author managed to finish law school…myself not so much.

It’s a truthful, rich, funny, smart book. It’s a great joy to read Go to the library or the bookstore and get it

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Up the Mountain Part One

May 27, 2006 at 8:09 AM (Colorado Weather and Outdoors)

Garden of the Gods @ daybreak today.

For the first time since I’ve been on newer medications, I’m going to try traveling into the mountains today and tomorow and Monday…perhaps as far up as Loveland Pass or the Rocky Mountain National Park…If I get any good digital pics I’ll share them here… The pics are best viewed while listening to “Vienna,” by Billy Joel…don’t have that record anymore but it’s a great little tune about taking time to take in the best in life.
The view from the Dillon Dam Road and Frisco, CO May 27 2006

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