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In light of this post…

I fully expect to see a headline in one of the national daily newspapers between now and January 2009:

in huge font (or is that HUGE FONT)


The text would read:

A highly placed unnamed source in Washington today advised this reporter that the terms “Personal Responsibility” “Honesty” “Integrity” and other similar terms can now be interpreted to mean exactly what any individual wants them to mean at any given moment.

Happy anarchy.

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Death by indifference…

August 26, 2007 at 8:17 AM (Katrina) ()

At this link, and discussed on CNN earlier this morning…

Even though several medical experts classified questionable deaths in a hospital at the center of Katrina two years ago “homicides…” the perpetrators will not be indicted let alone convicted and the case is closed.
After the dismissal, the doctor involved admitted giving those doses, but that she saw the patient’s deaths’ resulting from those dosages as ‘helping’ them…

I’d like to ask the district attorney that closed this case:

Are you indicating that Katrina created a new category of permissible killing….Medical death dealing by morphine and versed *acceptable* under the law because of an ill prepared government?

Are you indicating that certain lives…the “difficult to move,” are expendable in certain situations?

Please elaborate.

Those of us who are *difficult to move* would like to know.


And, in California…an assisted suicide law modeled closely on Oregon’s present law is narrowly defeated…

Via the Disability Studies Blog, the LA Times is puzzled that some disabled activists oppose ‘right to die’ legislation, since they often fightfor individual liberty.

Point one: Sometimes we cost a lot to keep alive.

Point two: We have to *be* alive to enjoy our individual rights and liberties.

Point three: No corporation or care site should be given any more traction or *positive* feedback in relation to the idea that inimical pressure to consent to euthanasia, or actually taking that step is actually a positive cog in the machine of health care cost containment.

I understand that supporters of the law in California would never *mean* for it to be used in that way…that the law on paper has *safeguards* against any such thing.

But media and legislators set up this law and are embracing the *theory* in it, the *idea* of how it would be implemented.

A significant quote from the article:

Disability rights advocates “have a lot of credibility on this,” said Marilyn Golden, a policy analyst for the Berkeley-based Disability Rights Education Defense Fund who lobbied hard against AB 374. “We are on the front lines of this issue as it actually plays out in the medical system.”

Disabled and chronically ill and elderly people are where that rubber hits the road. We are always at that space where such laws become practice, and fact and day to day decision making.

Life cannot be *made* cost effective for many of us…and we fear that “market forces” will drive us out of existence.

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Home is where…

August 23, 2007 at 7:06 PM (Housing, Independent Living) ()

You have to obtain liability insurance against other residents/staff

You have to be “assisted” whether you like it or not.

And the common area and dining room at your facility state that you are unwelcome…

According to a recently settled lawsuit...those in independent living were also pressured to move to assisted living…

I’m glad to see this settled in these communities, but how much “teeth” will the provisions of the settlement actually have…

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Top Ten Reasons for the Able to Pay Attention:

August 20, 2007 at 8:02 PM (Disability Blogging)

This is for the carnival, but also for the able:

In reverse order:

1o. We’re adaptable…if you hung with us long enough, *you* might be too.

9. We can teach you how to handle crutches after that ski incident.

8. Careful…We are too listening.

7. All those “abilities” you have can turn against you if you value yourself *only* by the ease and skill with which you use those abilities…there has to be some intrinsic value of person as person, or, as you, the able grow old, you get far too grumpy and uninteresting retreading what you *can’t* do.

6. If you’ve paid attention to us, and impairment arrives for you, you’ll be ready to assess and accept earlier.

5. Our version of “fun” or “a good” life may be different from yours, and that’s not a bad thing.

4. We aren’t invisible…for one thing…we vote.

3. If the tables were turned…would *you* put up with being unheard?

2. We will learn, each from the other much more easily once you understand we are not sin and we are not inspiration

1. Pity wastes both your time, and ours. Respect is a much more useful use of your emotions.

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Countdown hits the big time….

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Sunday before an NFL preseason game….the show will be seen on NBC 

(Update 8/26 …in the Bizzaro world of Denver TV timing, it *will* be seen….at 9:00 local time *after* the football game it previews…[pout] )

It appears that there are 88% more folks watching Countdown than at this time last year…


Wonder how some *other* cable news ratings are trending..hmmm?

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