Rare and Scary…..

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The many many times reconcilliation has been used. (a large # of times by Republicans)

OOOOh…rare and scary.

I have a lot of childish snark I desperately want to add to the diary. I’m not going to.

C-Span was the way to go to get what little meat and coming together we did have during the health care summit….no right or left opinionators, just the discussion.

I’m tired, tired, tired from watching…because since I have time, I felt obligated to watch the whole thing, so I did.

Non snark: I like smart Presidents. Yes, I do.

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Allie’s Letter (on the Virtual March for Health Care Reform)

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Not going to link back because if you want to get involved via fax, phone, blog, Facebook and Twitter all you have to do is Google it.

It’s one of the working persons with disabilities, a group I believe I stayed in for as long as I could..who says it best, so I am linking back to her story: Allie, you rock:

Every health insurance policy should be required to have to have a two

1.  All benefits are subject to your ability to fight for them.

2.  All benefits are subject to our ability to get away with denying them.


Please Mr. President, give disabled people a chance to remain as productive
as possible for as long as possible. Let us use our energy to stay employed
instead of fighting with health insurance companies.  Stop the insurance
companies from denying care to the most vulnerable people

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Haven’t had a decent rant in a while…Updated4x

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But Bob Marshall state delegate from Virginia really peeved me out with the quote below…

And here is the audio

I sent this email this morning…

Dear Delegate Marshall (and/or the office staffer that reads this.)

I’m a person with disabilities.  I’m a widow of an Evangelical Pastor.

And I take great issue with your statement…

“”The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,”

as well as:

“In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest.”

This email will not be as courteous as polite discourse would demand, but frankly I don’t give a ____


I believe quite strongly that putting the words out in public that disability is a revenge against Moms planned by God is sacreligious and blasphemous, and you know what they say about blasphemers.


To use your so called Pro Life position to publically conflate the very real struggles and emotional pitfalls that parents and children with disabilities go through with ‘vengeance’  is to suggest blame on the child and complicate the parent-child bond.

And if some emotionally fragile parent  with a disabled kid *agrees* with you enough, you’ve planted the seed that they may create a toxic home environment, or God forbid, harm the child.

It goes beyond irresponsibility.

I know many many other folks with disabilities….without exception, they are not punishments to their families.  No matter what the Mom did or didn’t do in the past.  These families have anguish sometimes.  That’s not revenge.  That’s living.

Caregiving is tough, yes, and they struggle.  Not because a loving and merciful and compassionate God is using them for revenge…but often because folks in the legislature love to cut Medicaid or Medicare funding, or vocational rehabilitation programs for adults with disabilities who’d like to become workers and taxpayers and eventually help pay folks like you a hefty salary.

I’d bet my power chair that most who cut these things at both the state and federal level are Republicans.

It’s amazing that many Pro Life voices don’t live up to the logic of the title.

By the way you practice it.  Mom’s lives aren’t sacred, but babies are. The beginning of life is sacred, but the entire span of life is not…people are only ‘sacred’ when they are infants…beyond that…forget it.

Babies with or without disabilities have sacred lives, but adults with disabilities are invisible enough to cut life sustaining support from, or institutionalize.

Third.  I’m not God’s vengeance on my family.  No one with my DNA has ever said that I was God’s vengeance for anything, sin, or abortion, or anything else. They respect my dignity as a person, and would never drag the idea of my disability into the public limelight to further a political agenda.

Let’s turn to Scripture (and to help your limited little head I’m using the King James Version which is doubtless the only one you see as ‘correct.’):

Mathew 7:23

“And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

Your words work iniquity sir.

As my husband used to say:

Pray on this Scripture message.  Let it dwell in your heart and reveal it’s full meaning to you.

Jean M. Flynn

Update in the interests of  ‘fairness.’: The gentleman from Virginia responds to criticsim.

He is now saying he does not equate ‘nature’ with God.  In his belief system though, God made nature, and is the driving force of all things that happen in nature.  That still leaves nature, as a vengeful force in this world.  Nope.  It can cause human heartache on a massive scale, as in Haiti, but uprooted, wounded or lost lives solely due to earthquakes,  or tsunamis are intention-neutral.  They are most demonstrably not ‘vengeance.’  So his statement is still full of something.  I won’t say what.

The word vengeance is in the original statement.  Even if he does not use ‘nature’ as a dogwhistle for the word “God” in context, the false equivalecy of  children with disabilities with the word ‘vengeance’  remains an offense and an affront, and I still contend, blashphemy.

Hehe. Marshall made WPIW tonight on Countdown 🙂

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If there’s anyone out there who:
is a person with a disability/ally…
is also interested in US Democratic, liberal, or Progressive Politics in general

And more importantly wants to talk about the intersection of US politics with disability and disability rights…

There’s a new group forming at the political website DailyKos, called KosAbility. Diaries, as of this time will be posted at 5 pm EDT on Monday’s

Note: Folks comfortable with the Republican side of things can certainly go there…but the place is rather heavily moderated…so it’s a kinda ‘enter at your own risk’ sorta thing.

This particular post has closed comments.

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February 20, 2010 at 10:42 PM (Uncategorized)

I am trying.  Not to feel sorry for myself.  Not to be obliterated by the stuff that happened to me, or that I brought on myself.

I am physically cut off from nearly everyone and everything I give a damn about.

So, how do those with impairments who have lived a long while without friends or family close by, with only ‘professional’ (and I use that term loosely.) support, how in the hell do you manage?  I’m trying but I have no clue…

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