A thoughtful moment.

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Have you ever had one of those workdays when your eyeballs begin to cross about two hours before end of shift, and you have lost track of which end is up and just about everything else.  Not a bad, day…just so busy you literally think you’ll lose your mind?

Today was like that.

And then, just a small thing.

My boss’s boss, the new guy in the department, came around  to each cube with his bowl of chocolate kisses, and offered some to us…

“Why?” I asked between calls, took a breath…There wasn’t a holiday.  We hadn’t exceeded any goals or anything.

“Well,” the cheerful young fellow said easily, “If I just left them in my office *I’d* eat them all…

I’m a cheap date, I guess, because two little pieces of chocolate, and the thought behind them shifted my perspective enough to blunt the busy in my head, and make me feel better about how the day went.

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I need a drink. Now. Or a hammer.

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to hit myself over the head with so I can just forget I read this…

…this “opinion” in the LA times

Let the economy adjust
By Steven E. Landsburg


Our assigned topic for today is, “What’s wrong with this economy?” My answer is, the same things that are always wrong with it: bloated government, a badly designed tax system and an excess of regulation.

Addressing those fundamental problems would do far more good than shuffling a bunch of checks around. If you really think the economy needs a jump-start, let’s try suspending the Americans with Disabilities Act for a year.

What always cracks my *** up about this sort of idiocy is it always comes from people who think the ADA will never apply to them or help them.

*Anyone* is one serious car accident away from being a new quadriplegic, who could, perhaps, have the career they had pre-accident…*If the ADA as originally written* was available to them.

When will these turkeys get it? Impairment isn’t blue/red, conservative/liberal or beholden to any ideological position.

Everyone needs the ADA, because they could lose opportunity to work, an existing job, or the place they *live* without it.

The main reason for opposition to the ADA comes from those who just refuse to imagine it could happen to them.

Thankfully, there is a counterpoint paragraph in the op ed which reads:

Stimulus doesn’t stop adjustment
By Jason Furman

…We can debate whether the economy is slipping into recession or about to rebound. We can debate whether the best tools are for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates or Congress and the president to apply fiscal stimulus. And we can debate the most effective forms of fiscal stimulus. But to argue that the downturn could be solved by temporarily permitting discrimination against people with disabilities is just daft.

Thank God, a bit of sanity.

Blame the economic downturn on the ADA?

That first columnist best not come around for sympathy should he have a disabling accident.

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Barack and Roll…

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So, I lied… another primary post.

Six months ago, did anybody think that one man with a positive vision and a gift for powerful speechmaking could not only chart a course for altering our muddled, messed up trajectory…but make some of us actually believe for a moment as it happened, he could *also* fight to scrap the negative, divisive hateful soup our politics have become?….(Unfortunately *in* that fight he got dirty too, and made mistakes…but, who’s perfect?)

Even if it only lasts for that single day, yesterday, I’m no longer jealous of the hopeful crowds that put Jack Kennedy in office.  I hated seeing a transformative candidate and president *only* on film..only on paper.)

Because I got a flash of that last night…seeing something bigger than a single primary going on….

If he’s allowed to be his best self…..

And in that spirit, I’m reminding Mr. Obama that he wrote this plan for people with disabilities… 

Dear Mr. Obama…..

If we lift you up and carry you on our shoulders,

If you lift us up and make us give a damn,

Remember what you wrote about the US signing the International
Bill of Rights for People With  Disabilities

Remember what you wrote about access to employment and education for people with disabilites

Remember that you promised to support our efforts to be a more visible part of each community in America…

Remember us….remember the plan….along with all the others your candidacy and Presidency could help….

and most important of all…remember us the first time you have to *compromise* your stand as President….to make some sort of deal….

I have not yet decided how I’ll cast my vote on Super Tuesday… (Yeah, I get to caucus, something I’ve not done before…kinda  exciting)

I’m just saying that if this momentum gets Mr. Obama a victory…. I hope that more than sometimes….he lives up to the promise of his rhetoric….

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The impetus of blogging…

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Someone else writes something, you find it interesting, and you riff on a similar topic, that seems to have no real connection to the first thing, but the first thing *made* you think of the second thing….


I’m not going to drag anymore of the baggage I dragged last week about my parents….but I can speak about my broader family in general…

While they don’t openly express dissapointment in me, and are geniuinely glad to see me…

I can’t get over feeling like the black sheep.

Because they *worry* so much about stuff I can’t let matter too much. *They* see it as concern, and, depending on how it is couched I see it as not accepting me as I am right now.

Emotionally, verbally, quick wittedly, and musically….we’re very very similar.

On both sides.

But *that’s* where the similarities end…

They have “investments”

I have paychecks

They take great joy in mild to extreme exersise.

Mine is very adaptive, very mild, and looks like *nothing* to them.

They are able bodied, financially sucessful… and conventionally good looking and in several cases, even deadly handsome, striking, or gorgeous.

I’m heavyset and in a chair.

They are amazed and sometimes annoyed at my long memory.

I’m amazed at how much independently verifiable stuff they’ve forgotten.

And, we are now, unfortunately (mostly) in opposing political camps…

(We *don’t* fight about politics though, because I utterly refuse to be an impolite guest and stir the pot. I am just unshakable about manners: If you are a guest in someone’s home and they have different positions about issues that are of great concern, I feel it’s a slap in the face or greatly insulting to get into a verbal flame war over the dinner table–and verbal guns blazing is the *only* way I work on these things, so I politely declare that it’s best I don’t express my positions and turn the subject to football, pop culture, or the lives of my cousins. )

(but my stepdad is absolutely unflappable about the family he married into, …quite the Democrat…and watches Olbermann… maybe it’s the German name. He’s a great comfort when he and I get a moment to talk privately.)

They seem to handle life with disturbing amounts of ease: not all the time, for everyone has rough patches….so, I have to fight the comparisons, or the unrealistic expectations that  I hang on myself or they unwittingly hang on me…

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It’s all about who is writing the story, isn’t it….

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A business journal The Kiplinger Report has featured an article

telling business owners to *brace* themselves for an expansion of the American’s with Disabilities act…

because it’s a scary thing, that more people with disabilities *might* be better protected from an unjust firing than the recent court decisions have left them.

Then, there’s Jim Holland writing for the Kansas City Star. He feels lucky:

ADA claims wane

In the 1990s, disgruntled workers were quick to make claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Luckily for employers, 1999 saw a series of decisive wins for defendants, and the federal courts’ predilection toward ADA decisions favoring plaintiffs has since waned.

Congress will consider the “ADA Restoration Act” in 2008. If it becomes law, the act will give employees greater rights, allow for more litigation, give juries more justification for verdicts favoring plaintiffs and inevitably invite larger settlements.

Although I predict the bill will again be defeated in 2008, that could change if a Democrat is elected president this November.

What those employment law writers don’t want PWD’s and allies to do: read this blog, 

and disseminate these talking points


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