Meeting of the minds…

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Per AAPD :

Twenty members of ADAPT, the national disability rights direct action organization, are at the Troy district office of U.S. Representative John Boehner, demanding that Boehner set a date to meet with them on federal Medicaid spending strategy. Boehner and the Republican party want to make drastic cuts to Medicaid spending. ADAPTers say that money can be better saved by ensuring that a greater proportion of Medicaid spending be invested in home- and community-based supports.

Discussing a similar program’s savings based on caring for the elderly in their homes, In 2006 the Congressional Budget Office report estimated that:

But the truth is that CBO estimates the CLASS Act will reduce the deficit for at least the next 20 years.

So. Persons with disabilities want the Medicaid program to save money. They are onboard with that. This would, of course reduce the deficit, and save the state’s money as well.
The nursing home lobby doesn’t like that, because the flow of money would be gone…and more people would be helped outside of their walls. …but wouldn’t their clients be hit just as hard when future people they treat have their benefits cut…

I’ll be watching with interest for the answers to the following questions:

Will the Speaker set an appointment time?

Will the speaker refuse to meet with the Adapt representatives?

If there is a meeting, what will they discuss?
Will he understand that this money saver is a win-win?
I truly hope so. I hope he does meet with them with an open mind.

Speaker Boehner lives in my state. I now live in a building that has a lot of former nursing home/rehab residents in it. where stories of the nursing homes a neighbor or two left awhile ago are…without revealing details…troubling.

The folks I know are cognitively sound, making their own choices about their lives…having fun…out in the sun chatting, trips to more than just a store, parties in the building, engagement in the wider community, religious service, etc.

Engaged on the Net, or in the world. Some work, some don’t, some drive, some don’t but they’re all *interested* in what’s going on.

They haven’t lost track of time, days weeks or months. They haven’t had their belongings stolen. They haven’t been forced to take on a thief as a roommate in a nursing home…

Here they have the help they need, and their own living livable spaces. They have autonomy. And these great outcomes cost less.

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Defective Equipment

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If you’re female. you can’t win anymore (or could you ever?)
There’s an account of an educated professional scorning his wife’s request for alimony because she’d given birth to a child with disabilities…to the consequences past and present, of giving birth to a child with disabilities…

Or a drunken tirade in my own house…
My father was a lawyer. He was a nasty drunk. My mother kept a journal of the essence of his tirades, probably to back up the divorce case she eventually filed. This was in the mid seventies and I discovered it then. When I was about 17… I’m paraphrasing, but this is very very close to the entry.

[Yelling] “I wanted sons! You’re worthless! Not only did you give me a daughter instead, but you gave me a disabled daughter!”

Bastard. In that moment, she wasn’t a woman. She was a piece of defective equipment that hadn’t created the product he apparently invoiced in the back of a car on the way to spring break in 1961.

Weird. Because when he was sober, I received very little of this devaluing attitude about me from him, perhaps because I’d turned out smart. But I wish I’d never found that entry, because not only did it leave emotional scars on her, but on me as well.

That would lead me to believe that giving birth to a child with disabilities is deemed as ‘bad.’

But not giving birth now appears to have a new dimension.

Am I speaking about abortion? No.

I’m speaking about miscarriage.

In Mississippi, a miscarriage is a criminal act.

Amanda Kimbrough is one of the women who have been ensnared as a result of the law being applied in a wholly different way. During her pregnancy her foetus was diagnosed with possible Down’s syndrome and doctors suggested she consider a termination, which Kimbrough declined as she is not in favour of abortion.

The baby was delivered by caesarean section prematurely in April 2008 and died 19 minutes after birth. Six months later Kimbrough was arrested at home and charged with “chemical endangerment” of her unborn child on the grounds that she had taken drugs during the pregnancy – a claim she has denied.


Which is bad? Giving birth? Or miscarrying?


Not that it matters. Not really.

Either way, women aren’t women in these situations.

Just defective (or dangerous?) equipment.

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Off your meds…

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That offensive little phrase is now going to have consequences attached to it that could rival the bad credit score…since FICO is the one that’s doing it…

Medication adherence.
Non-compliant. These are some new health insurance/pharma buzzwords…

Via my friend in the health insurance fight nyceve.
Fico is the thing that presently calculates your financial score….and now it will get your prescription information and rate you.

Because if you don’t take your medications…you’ll have a ‘non-compliant’ label attached to you.

Will employers be able to see this stuff when they run a standard credit check (almost universal for full time job applicants now. )

Know what meds you are on and guess what you’ve got?

Non compliance? Someone not having enough *money* to pay for their meds? Doesn’t matter. Still non compliant….

OK. looks like HIPPA just got a piece chipped out of it….

One more way to screw people.

This disgusts me.

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Beam me up…

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#Countdown @Current SneakPeek3: The first photo of our new se... on Twitpic

With phasers on stun!

Via Twitpic

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GOP = Getting Over Palin

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Sorry, sorry…came into my head and just had to put it out there…

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