Funny moment on the campaign trail…really.

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On the way back from the grocery store this morning at about nine thirty:

I saw a big motorcoach…looked like a tour bus to me.

Why in the world is a tour bus here? I thought….to see the well known Subway shop? The long lost CVS pharmacy….?

Oh, wait…It’s not a tour bus…is it.  No.     (That’ll teach me to go out without my glasses.)

Of course it was the campaign bus of the presidential candidate  I did not vote for.

Just for a brief moment, I considered the trajectory of my power wheelchair a collision course, and the back bumper of the bus.  I wouldn’t have done it.  Really, really wouldn’t have done it.

So I just kept rolling by on the sidewalk.
I couldn’t resist a glance inside the phone banking center the bus was obviously visiting though.  A lot of  Very Important Special People were inside.  Couldn’t really see them but by their clothes and the working TV cameras someone was being interviewed or waiting to be so…there were rally signs outside that didnt relate to the Presidential campaign…there was obviously going to be a rally someplace where supporters were going to chant about one candidate being “Their guy for the Senate” and the other being a job killing loser, etc.

The cameras were facing me as I rolled by.  I just hope they weren’t on.   I don’t want the rumpled early morning shot of me looking both stupid and astonished to be my fifteen minutes of fame.

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Up or Down Vote

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In my Ohio apartment complex, a subsidized building for persons with disabilities, many of my neighbors are of a different politics than myself.  There are also many who have similar views to my own.    I want all my neighbors to be able to vote, and have their votes counted…

I went through the process of requesting a mail in ballot, in case there’s a blizzard on election day or something, that would make me rolling my power wheelchair five minutes to my polling place problematic. Before I decided to do that  I got a weird yellow form from the Secretary of State (had his seal and name on the envelope and “Secretary of State” as the sender… advising that my precinct may have moved and I may not be shown as a registered voter or have a different precinct.  I checked, by phone, with the Lorain County board of elections.  They verified that 1.  I showed as registered. and two. my precinct had not changed.  They also advised they were sending me a mail in ballot request directly.  I provided a copy of my state ID as requested and sent back the mail in ballot request timely.  As of yet I have not received my mail in ballot.  Others have.   I hope we can/have all our votes count.

If I don’t get the mail in ballot…

Mine will have to be a provisional ballot, cast in person at my nearby precinct on election day which will not get counted until after the election.

It also appears that a friend of mine who just moved to Ohio and was able to register at the BMV on time had her registration request “lost” at the BMV.

I don’t like conspiracy theories, so I’m not espousing one.

I also don’t like opportunities to exercise one’s right to vote going missing.

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Dear Hope:

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If I could send a letter to Hope Holcomb of Canton Ohio, the ten year old with cerebral palsy being mocked by a neighbor boy and his father…

News Report link here.

It might go like this:

Dear Hope

My name’s Jean and I’ve got CP too.

I’m so sorry that you are going through this.

Sometimes ignoring can help, and sometimes it can’t.  My parents told me to ignore the people that made fun of me because I had cerebral palsy.  I tried, but it did not work.

The thing is, your parents are fighting for you.  For that small thing of a quiet ride on a bus to school.   They love you.

You’re going to do a lot of really wonderful stuff as you grow up.  You’re going to learn new things, and have fun, and meet new people.  And you’ll have more and more friends that realize you’re a fun enthusiastic kid, and that the crutches don’t matter.  You are going to leave these bullies in the dust, kid.  It’s going to be ok.

Bullies like that, people like that…Since I’m 50 ( an old lady compared to you,)  I can tell you life answers them.

For every nasty thing they do or say, they don’t have as good a time in life.

They’ll be unhappy someday too…

I don’t even think about the boys that bullied me about my cerebral palsy on the bus much anymore.  I don’t remember their names and I barely remember their faces.

It’s like they don’t exist anymore.

Sometime soon…all of this will get better.

‘Till then, you just keep right on walking.  Forward.  Ahead.  Away from them.

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