Funny moment on the campaign trail…really.

October 26, 2012 at 11:34 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

On the way back from the grocery store this morning at about nine thirty:

I saw a big motorcoach…looked like a tour bus to me.

Why in the world is a tour bus here? I thought….to see the well known Subway shop? The long lost CVS pharmacy….?

Oh, wait…It’s not a tour bus…is it.  No.     (That’ll teach me to go out without my glasses.)

Of course it was the campaign bus of the presidential candidate  I did not vote for.

Just for a brief moment, I considered the trajectory of my power wheelchair a collision course, and the back bumper of the bus.  I wouldn’t have done it.  Really, really wouldn’t have done it.

So I just kept rolling by on the sidewalk.
I couldn’t resist a glance inside the phone banking center the bus was obviously visiting though.  A lot of  Very Important Special People were inside.  Couldn’t really see them but by their clothes and the working TV cameras someone was being interviewed or waiting to be so…there were rally signs outside that didnt relate to the Presidential campaign…there was obviously going to be a rally someplace where supporters were going to chant about one candidate being “Their guy for the Senate” and the other being a job killing loser, etc.

The cameras were facing me as I rolled by.  I just hope they weren’t on.   I don’t want the rumpled early morning shot of me looking both stupid and astonished to be my fifteen minutes of fame.

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