“The Verdict”

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No, this isn’t about the debate….which BTW I call a draw…

Nor is it my annoyance at the new wheechair….it’s already having footplate issues

It appears that Paul Newman has passed away.

He was originally from Shaker Heights Ohio, a Cleveland suburb next door to where I grew up.

He and his wife have done a lot for Kenyon College which they both attended…also in Ohio.

And he was fully engaged in doing some good….Newman’s Own raised incredible amounts of cash used to help others

Since I’m an actor junkie though, I want to direct people to what I see as the three best examples of his craft…

If you don’t even know who Paul Newman is….watch this one first, even though in black and white you miss the startling blue eyes…. “The Hustler” with an amazing supporting cast, where he is the distilled portrait of every newbie pool shark there ever was. (and I have to be shallow for a moment… he’s hawt. Purely gorgeous to look at. When you get both great acting ability and good looks…heaven)

A great uncle of mine was a pool shark for a living in the 1920’s and he said that movie was as close to the truth as Hollywood would ever get, except that there was no Prince-of-Darkness financier like the George C. Scott character.

Then, skip Butch and Sundance, which I think is overrated and off in it’s pacing, and head straight for “The Sting,” where you see him inhabit a merry, wise con man,who likes nothing better than the rush, and is having an even better time, because he knows the proceeds will help the family of a fellow con who died in the wrong place at the wrong time. And those blue eyes are in full view. Yum.

And “The Verdict,” This is great acting…as he tells the story of a resurrection of an alchoholic attorney who goes from pathetic to proud in a beleivable maze of emotions and events. That’s the one that cemented his praise for great acting…Frank Galvin, the attorney took the path that I wish my father had been able to achieve…but since it’s Hollywood…

The Verdict is in.

Newman was guilty of being a multitalented, genuinely good guy.

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Haven’t read blogs or news in three days…

September 25, 2008 at 6:53 PM (Uncategorized)

And it was a darn good idea…

Just been working, coming home and crashing and reading some old, beloved, and (occasionally trashy) books…

I’ll be helping with the last last last cleanout of the Former Apartment with the Terminally Ill Elevator….this weekend…so expect a bit of a hiatus until October 1rst…..

Go look for an ASL version of Christina Agulera’s song “Beautiful.”  It’s great.

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Businesses love single payor health care.

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Because it’s one of the factors that saves them boatloads of money when they outsource jobs overseas or to other countries…

How is it, that they can *recognize and document and use* the savings to themselves because they don’t have to pay (as much) of overseas workers health care costs…and fight so hard to block any healthcare reform here…

They’ll pocket the money they get by leaning on systems many on the right brand as ‘socialism, ‘ and yet sit and chuckle with the US healthcare lobby to make sure no changes happen.

Oh yes, let’s remove competitive restrictions from private health insurers.

Let’s privatize Social Security.

Just like we did with the banks whom taxpayers will have to bail out one way or another to the tune of 700 billion dollars.

For the love of whatever-one-holds-dear….*somebody* bleed those private health insurance lobbyists dry so that we can move toward a universal access and affordability system, and from there to single payor.

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This will be a bit long-winded

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People with disabilities are individual…much harder to ‘classify’ than the able would like.

I hope I’m not just speaking for myself when I say, stacked against all the physical and personality stuff about me that I would just like to bag up and roll to the trash bin, the good stuff about having and integrating impairments is that you become both pragmatic and adaptable at the same time. I’m hoping others with impairments see those two qualities as positives that they possess.

I’m no Super Crip.  I’ve not integrated my newest stuff.  Not at all…  And, too often there’s a delayed level of almost adolescent frustration when theres something I *need* to do, but the body simply refuses to oblige.  And most often it’s the oldest impairment the one that I was born with that causes the petulant temper tanturm.

I did not have this level of frustration in my teens or my twenties, so the more rachety, less controlled emotions that go hand in had with my bouts of bipolar/depression are obviously playing a role.

I’m also frustrated because my roomate continues to  seek isolation as safety and that means I get less help than I like in getting about.

And the least socially acceptable of my impairments crops up whenever I am waiting for a bus or van…much to my humiliation.  I’ve got enough of an ego (yeah yeah, I know) that I’d rather isolate myself than gamble on gut trouble in public So, I stay home as well.


I’ve come to understand that I need a couple of things in my life.  I need socialization, and am unlikely to try the bar thing.

And the second thing…is active participation in religious observance.  Not the ‘just at Christmas and Easter’ thing of my youth…or my truly scary time among well meaning evangelical protestants….

There are *so* many great churches in downtown Denver…that have no parking to speak of and at best are only partially accessible.

There’s a beautifully accessible Pentecostal building not far from either the old apartment or this one…but it’s way way way too full of what I see as dangerous foolery. I feel so bad when I see thousands emotionally stirred up….and then encouraged to either harass people toward their theology, or pay, pay, pay more and more of their paycheck to reach what they see as the afterlife.   (Also, been told there that my disability was a clear case of lack of committment or faith)

I have to choose my place to commune with my higher power based on three things.  The music has to reach a certain level of quality…because music is one of the ways I connect with Whomever is Running The Show… and…accessibility….I have no choice in that.  Pragmatism isn’t the usual path to understanding God…but that’s the road I’ve been given…

And the third deal breaker…I will not be part of any group of believers that interprets Scripture to mean that each and every one of them has discernment enough to constantly impose their theology on the outsider, and in doing so, utilize fear of damnation to coerce ‘conversion’….. In other words the Thought Police of God extended to every single layperson in the pew.

It’s bad manners to go door to door harrasing for God, and even the late spouse could not convince me otherwise.

There are other acessible buildings, one likely to hand me the same story as the place above…so I’m going fairly fair afield from the churches I’ve spent time in.

I have doctrinal issues with *all* of them.  It’s just a matter of which accessible place I have the least issues with.
I need a network of people for the long haul..as I’m coping with more and more physical issues.

The roomate–of simply friendship and financial partnership, is getting strained and stressed trying to handle it all…and I want to find a place that can take on some of the load for ‘watching out for me’ before the roomate gets all the way to the end of their rope.

Many would see this as a selfish reason to begin to attend services.  Let ’em.

My family, and my family-of-choice are far away…very unlikely to be available if I should need much more help down the road. I’m clear that I’m on my own out here.

So we’ll see.

I’m not intending to ‘get religion.’  I do intend to try to take on a little contemplation and stillness, and yes, try to understand God.

God as I seek him, not any god or belief I would ever try to persuade others to adopt.

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ADA Amendments Act

September 17, 2008 at 3:19 PM (Uncategorized) ()

Has passed the House by voice vote!

And…it appears that the President will sign it when it arrives on his desk

(Cue scramble to my oversized fainting couch)

I have the vapors.

There were so many different advocacy groups, activists and legislators that combined in bipartisan support to get this measure passed.

This is a great good.

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