More on “Artemis of the Wildland “and their targeting of people with disabilities

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It is hate speech, yes it is and as targeted as specifically as Westboro, or the KKK, or anything like that.

I’ve found a few more articles regarding this “goddess of the hunt” and their flyer.

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Dear Artemis.

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This is regarding someone called Artemis of the Wildland in Portland Oregon who believes the disabled should not vote or get benefits and should be paraded in front of their neighbors for an up or down vote as to whether they’re really disabled or not:

Apologize for the separatist tone, but this hacks me off,.I’ve got a few thingsT I wish I could say to this Artemis of the Wildland character:

Dear Artemis:

If I lived in Portland, I’d be making a flyer myself that said “Come to my house and say that shit. Right to my face you coward.” These **s are such spineless losers themselves.

I mean this so much. Have the guts to tell me to my face my neighborhood ought to judge me and determine whether I’m fit to get benefits…or vote?

Without the benefits I’d save the country a buncha money by dying quickly I suppose.

Sorry to inconvenience the benefit paying system but I’m not ready to go just yet.

I worked amongst you able for a long time and kept up and in some cases surpassed what you did. I would have been “entitled” to those benefits at 18 because at the time cerebral palsy itself was enough. But my family wanted more for me…so I went to college and worked and married, same as many of you.

Now. I Can’t. Work. Nobody should intimidate those like me in Portland or anywhere else in this country if we have the temerity to get and stay visible…by voting.

This Artemis is one sick fool and needs to be found…by law enforcement if necessary.

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Up or Down Vote

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In my Ohio apartment complex, a subsidized building for persons with disabilities, many of my neighbors are of a different politics than myself.  There are also many who have similar views to my own.    I want all my neighbors to be able to vote, and have their votes counted…

I went through the process of requesting a mail in ballot, in case there’s a blizzard on election day or something, that would make me rolling my power wheelchair five minutes to my polling place problematic. Before I decided to do that  I got a weird yellow form from the Secretary of State (had his seal and name on the envelope and “Secretary of State” as the sender… advising that my precinct may have moved and I may not be shown as a registered voter or have a different precinct.  I checked, by phone, with the Lorain County board of elections.  They verified that 1.  I showed as registered. and two. my precinct had not changed.  They also advised they were sending me a mail in ballot request directly.  I provided a copy of my state ID as requested and sent back the mail in ballot request timely.  As of yet I have not received my mail in ballot.  Others have.   I hope we can/have all our votes count.

If I don’t get the mail in ballot…

Mine will have to be a provisional ballot, cast in person at my nearby precinct on election day which will not get counted until after the election.

It also appears that a friend of mine who just moved to Ohio and was able to register at the BMV on time had her registration request “lost” at the BMV.

I don’t like conspiracy theories, so I’m not espousing one.

I also don’t like opportunities to exercise one’s right to vote going missing.

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Voted Down

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via my friend Bridgett and the NYT...and this will be tested in the courts. I wish it was illegal to cost people a workday to go and get this…my idea…in the last three months of 2011, and every ninety days thereafter, organize information sessions and offer to bring folks to them (as on election day) and explain in detail how to go about getting the correct documentation to ‘pass’ the voting hurdles on election day…as well as the lessened hours for early voting that are in many of these bills too.

O BTW, doesn’t this limit the Help America Vote Act? HAVA?  With less early voting and longer lines persons with disabilities will have a harder time as well..

In Kansas, Brownback says this will protect the “sanctity of the vote…”

Yeah, by excluding legitimate voters…

Sanctity, my @**.

Protecting the sanctity of the vote by narrowing the criteria…

The sanctity of democracy being narrowed, I guess.

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Swing Vote

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Heath care reform is no pony, or piece of pie.  It is a part of “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness,”  Our right to real healthcare exists right now.

Except for the money, of course.

Since AHIP and other lobbying groups are controlling the debate right now, lets just roll over and call it “The AHIP We’ll get it through our community rating increases Health Care Bill”  Or for short LobbyistCare.

Some folks are discussing withholding their  funds and their GOTV efforts from Dems if this goes down. I’ll go one better.  No Democratic votes ever again.

Also No Republican votes, for obvious reasons.

I’ll vote for a third party that is closest to my own beliefs about these issues…

And when the wingnuts win, and they will again and scary crazy things happen…I’ll be resigned to it.  One voter (or evidently many more) can’t stand in the way of Republican willful ignorance, religious fanaticism and dreams of empire, as well as against centrist dems greed and capitulation at the same time.

It’s ironic.  My closest friend was studying for her PhD in Iowa just before the 2000 Election.  She was a committed Nader voter, and I tried to make the case for Gore, and she advised me simply that she believed local politics and her principles could lead to no other choice but Nader… I felt sad, voted for Gore…and we all know what came next.

But in the 2004 election, she worked for Dean tirelessly and understood the need to remove the Bush administration at all costs, and I was cheered by that.  It’s my understanding that we both voted for Obama in 08.

I never thought with Bush gone and Obama in the White House I would ever see myself taking her position.  I’m a pragmatist, so it suits my nature to vote for someone who has a chance of winning.

But if “winning” actually means “follow the money,” in regards to citizens health, and against the interests of said citizens health…

I’m done with the two major parties and I’m fine saying so.

I’m not sulking.  It’s a reasoned response to the political game as it is.

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