It’s going to be one of those:

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1. You have to be from Cleveland for these jokes to be funny, and even then,
2. These jokes aren’t funny, unless you remember seeing them (or their incredibly  less funny heir apparent, The Ghoul) when you were a kid.

Anyway, here are some youtube clips of Ghoulardi…I’m kinda amazed at what he got away with, even if it was late at night. I gotta say I like his rambling disorganization better than MST3k. Although MST3k did beat “Houlihan and Big Chuck,” and “Big Chuck and Little John,” all to hell.

Youtube linkage below:  if they don’t work, just go to YT and hit Ghoulardi.


Mail Bag : Contract bridge H8 Parma H8 and poker.

Stay Sick

Book Tour

“And Now The Movie, Folks!”


——and then the Ghoul that makes me cringe  in comparison—-





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