It’s going to be one of those:

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1. You have to be from Cleveland for these jokes to be funny, and even then,
2. These jokes aren’t funny, unless you remember seeing them (or their incredibly¬† less funny heir apparent, The Ghoul) when you were a kid.

Anyway, here are some youtube clips of Ghoulardi…I’m kinda amazed at what he got away with, even if it was late at night. I gotta say I like his rambling disorganization better than MST3k. Although MST3k did beat “Houlihan and Big Chuck,” and “Big Chuck and Little John,” all to hell.

Youtube linkage below:¬† if they don’t work, just go to YT and hit Ghoulardi.


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“And Now The Movie, Folks!”


——and then the Ghoul that makes me cringe¬† in comparison—-





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