I’m bemused…

April 28, 2009 at 3:27 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Into politics for a minute:

Arlen Specter is now … a conservative … Democrat?

If I was able to stand, I’d have fallen over after reading this. If I could drink alchohol I’d be heading to a bar to have a margarita (due to crazed astonishment.)

Wow. Just Wow.

CNN linkyness

Not to be a cynic, but I think expediency has to do with this…He knows he’d lose in a Republican primary after recent votes….

But honestly? I think there is at least a partial personal side to this:

If he’s survived cancer, he has had at least a tiny window into real pain…

The present GOP scoffs at suffering, and maybe he just can’t.

But then again there’s McCain: Tortured, and in there pitching for the GOP.


  1. bridgett said,

    You’re right that he wouldn’t win the GOP primary — that’s pretty evident, as the PAGOP is running harder to the right than ever before. But I also think he’s gotten pretty damn tired of being vilified within his own party. (You know, the “better to shoot yourself in the foot on principle than to give a little here and take a little there.”)

    I also read his piece in the New Review about checking the expansion of executive power. He firmly believes that the last thirty years of grey paper policy setting, bullying, and declaring oneself to have expansive and unconstitutional powers has to come to a close and that the Congress has to step up to assert a check on that. I don’t really look for him to be a rubber stamp; I think he’s probably going to use his position as the last clown into the clown car as a bargaining chip to make more centrist policy (look for progressive Senators to go nuts) and bust Obama’s chops once in a while.

    However, if he is going to go down to defeat next year, this is a golden window. Obama needs to get some stuff passed now that he has the numbers. Show us what you got, kid.

    • imfunny2 said,

      I hope the Senator will help with healthcare….however muddled and essentially lobbyist driven the present proposed plan seems to me.

  2. bridgett said,

    Are you following Nick’s blog or his Facebook stuff? I’m a) pissed that CCA activism gets you locked up but b) not surprised. I have a neat little Alice Paul pin that reminds me that suffragettes got locked up too for asserting the rights they were born to exercise.

    • imfunny2 said,

      Yep…I enjoy the info on Nick’s blog and read it often, I am so discouraged about CCA…maybe that will happen in the next millenium.

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