Barack and Roll…

January 27, 2008 at 8:46 AM (Uncategorized) (, , )

So, I lied… another primary post.

Six months ago, did anybody think that one man with a positive vision and a gift for powerful speechmaking could not only chart a course for altering our muddled, messed up trajectory…but make some of us actually believe for a moment as it happened, he could *also* fight to scrap the negative, divisive hateful soup our politics have become?….(Unfortunately *in* that fight he got dirty too, and made mistakes…but, who’s perfect?)

Even if it only lasts for that single day, yesterday, I’m no longer jealous of the hopeful crowds that put Jack Kennedy in office.  I hated seeing a transformative candidate and president *only* on film..only on paper.)

Because I got a flash of that last night…seeing something bigger than a single primary going on….

If he’s allowed to be his best self…..

And in that spirit, I’m reminding Mr. Obama that he wrote this plan for people with disabilities… 

Dear Mr. Obama…..

If we lift you up and carry you on our shoulders,

If you lift us up and make us give a damn,

Remember what you wrote about the US signing the International
Bill of Rights for People With  Disabilities

Remember what you wrote about access to employment and education for people with disabilites

Remember that you promised to support our efforts to be a more visible part of each community in America…

Remember us….remember the plan….along with all the others your candidacy and Presidency could help….

and most important of all…remember us the first time you have to *compromise* your stand as President….to make some sort of deal….

I have not yet decided how I’ll cast my vote on Super Tuesday… (Yeah, I get to caucus, something I’ve not done before…kinda  exciting)

I’m just saying that if this momentum gets Mr. Obama a victory…. I hope that more than sometimes….he lives up to the promise of his rhetoric….

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