I had a couple of leftover hopes.

March 26, 2012 at 6:35 PM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I’m not going to whine too much.
But…lets say it was unlikely that you’d either a. be involved in any travel…or b. pursue a relationship.
Say 10% or 20% likely…even before the lymphedema set in.

I’m just saying it’s surprisingly difficult to see those reset at absolute zero.

Even if I win the lottery or something…no plane to Ireland or Rome or worse yet no plane back to Paris…

And vis a vis relationships..One person I’ve had a small torch for for a long time, but it’s been quite manageable. They’re my friend and I’m glad it’s set at that level, but… It’s still difficult to shut it down entirely.

The second person never knew, and still doesn’t, that he was ever even on my radar…so it won’t be as tough…I’m a tad bit wistful… I only met them once, and thought that if we ever met again…perhaps.

I’m handling it, to a point.
I’m just saying I’m surprised at how difficult it is to put things entirely aside.
But I recognize that as we get older, *everyone* able or not, has to do this to a degree.

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