What a long strange trip…

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So I had to do some business downtown. That required the use of a paratransit bus to get down there since even the roomate and her van don’t work well downtown if you cannot park.

He was a joky fella, very good at the job.

And he didn’t have a problem letting me know which side of the healthcare debate he was on.

I thought, “He’s driving me around town.  I’ll have to be diplomatic. Who knows what he could do…”

How many times do we with impairments have to *think* this thought about caregivers, assistants etc, damnit?  We have to censor what we might normally say or do when we are, effectively, in the care custody and control of an unknown quantity?)

For starters we did agree that if one publically states they have (in their view) “moral” objections, then accepts a payoff to their state and drops their formerly “moral” objection, that made them dishonorable and perhaps unworthy of their office.

But it got harder and harder as details came out.  His pride in attending town hall meetings. “I don’t want healthcare.”    The certainty that the undocumented are here to aggrandize one particular denomination of Christianity.  and more that I’m afraid to detail, but that I consider to be a dangerous worldview.

I’m afraid of this person now.  And afraid for those they may come in contact with.

And, after trying to find common ground, trying to steer the conversation away from controversy with the explanation that, yes, government forces people to buy auto insurance (if they want to drive) all the time…. and that, in an ideal world, health reform asks the question, “Do you want to feel better (in place of “do you want to drive?”)  and live longer?”  You do?  Ok, that’s why the law exists mandating the purchase…(It’s a mess of a bill, godknows but I was just working on getting the basics across…) Getting him to admit that paying a fine and going to the ER was going to cost more than even this patchwork we got…..

I said… regarding health care,  “It’s a right!!!!!”  “It’s a right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Being as healthy as one can, with appropriate care and follow up… isn’t just for the privileged few. It’s our right.  I had to say it.

“My PCA/Roomate, riding along, said my name in grave concern…she wanted to get our errands done alive after all, so that was a nudge in the direction of discretion.

He, of course, views health care as a fancy handbag, or cufflinks, or lumber  — a piece of goods, not a fundamental right…and on it went.

I then said, “Look, we know we aren’t going to agree on anything….It’s Christmas, so lets wrap this up.”  We did, he dropped us off, and we each wished the other a good day…

Phew.  That was close.

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