Don’t mess with Texans fixed beliefs

June 30, 2012 at 7:38 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

The GOP platform in Texas opposes any teaching that would tend to make students question their fixed beliefs.

If parents and advisors who hold the challenged beliefs are concerned…are they incapable of using the many many apologetics for fixed belief systems from Fundamentalist Christianity all the way to atheism?¬† From Buddhism to Objectivism? From socialism to libertarianism?…to present the opposite position?

I can’t believe that there is now a plank in any political platform that says “Don’t question.¬† Don’t even consider reexamining what you thought you knew to be true.”

It’s the point of the school years to question.

On the conservative side, there wouldn’t be politically active Evangelicals, energized Libertarians, without someone having questioned a previous interpretation of these things.

Many, many of the ‘flower children’ are conservatives now, just as many of those who supported George W. Bush have at least moved into the ‘independent’ column.

To stop the *ability* to make these shifts in thinking by sabotaging the educational process will not serve the purpose you believe it serves.

It will simply educate a generation of people into being lost souls.

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