The starting point is to *have insurance* Senator Lieberman

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And for the record, my maternal parent, a lifelong Republican *agrees* with me on this small part of my screed:  “Those who act as though the current system does not need to be fixed are, and I quote from her directly, “Woefully misguided.”   I went a little further I think those against reform are high on something, but I’ll take the ‘Woefully misguided,” any day.

I’m going to do a little alternate universe modeling, since I’m a sci-fi geek.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1991.  I beat it.

The *only* reason I did.

I had insurance when it began.

In the alternate universe where I’d taken a job at something I’m actually good at: (Comedy, writing,  proofing, counseling) jobs that would have played to my strengths and undoubtedly kept me a working member of society a bit longer….but had no insurance….

I’d. be. dead.

Lake County, Ohio cemetery. Row 21. Next to the husband.  Probably even preceded him, my end date filled in, not comfortably empty like it is today.

So, Senator, you and the other obstructors, working for lobbyists for big insurance/big pharma, or just your own best interests….

Have you no shame?

What you’re really doing is condemning some unknown percentage of people to die.

(Not that ‘reform’ as it is constituted in the Senate now, with annual limits on care….won’t do that too…but it will do it less….I hate the eviscerated structure that exists in the Senate bill…)

But you’re in a class by yourself, Senator.

I understand.  Connecticut is ground zero for Insurance Companies.

I also understand…former family connections to big Pharma.

So, go home and work for them, for more money than you make now.  Instead of making those of us who get Senate speeches from C-span to avoid some bias….listen to you filibuster all alone…to make sure those businesses can continue to say no…forcing more people to free health clinics (Thank you, Countdown!), to untreated ilnesses, and eventually to just…dissapear…

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