A Russian Journalist calls the killing of disabled infants

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“right  to choose.”

When slogans become code words, the code words can then be misused to advocate for something else entirely.

Read the article. It’s disturbing.

Blanks. Idiots.

And yay for the Russian moms of kids with disabilities who spoke up.

Note to Sarah Palin: Those moms from the country you can see from your house are great examples of advocates for kids with disabilities.

Via the new website “Better Off Alive.”

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What! What????

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The former vice presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska is set to be a contributor on Fox News.

From the NYT Story:

Ms. Palin will not have her own regular program, one person with knowledge of the deal said, though she will host a series that will run on the network from time to time. This person would not elaborate, but the network does have a precedent for such a series. Oliver L. North is the host of an occasionally running documentary series on the military called “War Stories.”

Since I have family who love her, I will only say this:

Beck or O’Reilly better lookout for their jobs. I’ll bet the response will be that noticeable.

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Oh, no you don’t….

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Forgive me for speaking out of turn Governor Palin:

I understand that part of the package of stimulus funds you’ve chosen to reject includes funds for education…which includes, as a subset, funding for the education of children with disabilities…

Didn’t your baby with Down’s Syndrome figure prominently in the campaign as a great plus for you when you said: “Parents of children with special needs will have an advocate in the White House?”

I do remember you saying it and I also remember telling people at the time “Hey, criticize her for what she *doesn’t know* about foreign policy or [as it turned out] the reading habits she didn’t have,,,…but not about her choice to have a child with cognitive impairment.

I take back the points I gave you.  If you call yourself any kind of advocate for parents of and children with disabilities in Alaska…rethink your position.

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A mean-spirited litte ditty…

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I’ve been trying not to be as cutting and nasty as I can…

But there’s a different point to me posting the YouTube bit you’re about to see than the subject of the piece.

In the mid and late 70’s I was a Harry Chapin Groupie.

Oh, I liked James Taylor, Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel fine…Harry Chapin was different…I was a serious groupie (not as serious as my late cousin who had his song lyrics posted all over her room, as if the stanza’s merited a Tiger Beat cover…. I introuduced her to his work, so I admit to creating that particular monster…)

A songwriter who was unabashed about his voice, but utterly committed to his lyrics. You had to *think* to get them, there were so many levels.

And he would take a moment and sing something merely funny, sometimes.

“30,000 of Bananas” and “Dance Band On The Titanic,” come to mind…

I hate to think what he would have written about Iraq

And I know I would have been proud of what he wrote about 9/11…had he been around.

Heart Attack in 1981 saved him from having to write about the last decade or so….

But his brother Tom Chapin is saying goodbye to Sarah Palin…

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Suddenly Sarah…

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Disclaimer: Won’t be voting for her…

Her ideology scares me to death, and to think that if her senior citizen running mate won the White House and then, well, she found herself taking the oath of office….she has far less governing experience than either the woman she’s trying to poach votes from, Hilary Clinton, or Obama.

2nd Disclaimer…This *isn’t* about rumor.

Over at Kos, if one swims through and disbelieves the real tinhattery, there is nevertheless a disturbing trend…

There’s some outrage, and then smugness (as if it makes her look stupid.) over Sarah Palin’s choice to raise a child with Down’s Syndrome.

I’ll say it again. Sarah Paulin’s choice.

Hello, feminists? Pro-choice ought to mean pro-even-the-choices-individual-women-might-not-like-it-if-other-women-made.

It is not the responsibility of any woman to scramble madly to prevent *any and all* disabilities.

Diversity isn’t just about race,gender,ethnicity. It’s about different ways of being.

That’s all.

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