Why I’m holding my nose.

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And supporting passage of HCR, and Dems I don’t think much of, and an administration I have concerns about.

First, lets recap what isn’t going on in the White House any more.

Socially, we are not being pushed towards a Dominonist theocracy. Either McLame or the next Rethuglican President would have pushed that agenda.
A country where, belief system wise, it’s their way or discrimination…
Dissent would be drowned out by platitudes. People would have been actively pursuing policies that would assist in the end of civilization as we know it, because it would make them comfortable with their theology.

War support by the Executive Branch would have had us fighting Iran by now. (Neocons, Cheney, and McLame were ready for that.)
That surely would have changed “Nuclear Option” into more than just a political slogan…

The Geneva conventions haven’t been called ‘quaint.’ lately.

Those who disagree with Obama’s policies haven’t had the career of a spouse destroyed in public.

We’ve got a plan to get the he11 out of Iraq.

Regarding Haiti, the White House has not been sitting on it’s hands, watching DVD’s of the devastation. We’re helping, and we’ve been engaged since day one. Logistical barriers make it a horrific situation, but it is not being made worse by our efforts…


Do you want the endless scary authoritarian Bush years back?
Remember how they were.

Obama was not the goal. He’s the beginning. The beginning of a march to the left of theocracy and empire building.

And when I state that I believe that he’s the beginning, I also absolutely agree that we have a hell of a long way to go.

We have to keep pushing in that direction, but how can we let our apathy or anger or legitimate grievances push the political class back to that kind of crazy?

I’m terrified of that happening.

Third. The banks and the lobbyists own the legislature. That’s what has to break before we can really move ahead…but let’s not open a path for the country to go backwards from here…

At the very least, please remember the litany of Bush Cheney’s crimes against reality, as you consider which direction your activism will take.

Beck/Palin…that’s a template for what the real Rethuglican candidate in 2012 might consider.

Please make sure they go down in 2012.

I know this is just a rant…

But I had the same kind of rants in 2000 during the election, and in 2002 when I saw preemptive war was inevitable.

Cross posted to Kos, where the insults to me have begun already. One commenter gave me this unlovely reply.

“Take a shower.”
“You smell something bad.”
“Conclusion: You stink.”

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Broken cipher

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When did I turn left,

That corner, bend, crosstreet that means ‘liberal’

I was bent that way quick and painful…but I would have gotten there by the scenic route anyhow.

The family, you see. They’ve been wondering. When did I become a member of the ‘Democrat Party’ (cue shudder for wrong spelling)

I never was ‘on the right.’ Just wanted to be apolitical, research from the primary sources,case by case…

It began in March of ’89 when I was advised my beloveds clock was ticking…

Or, did it begin in 1987 when our first friend Ray died?

Or, was it 1982, before he returned to my life, when I knew nothing, and he was given Hobson’s choice, take the factorate, sign the waiver and you’ll-never-be-able-to-sue-but-you-will-be-able-to-be-treated-for-your-existing-life-threatening-condition?

Or, was it 1981 again, before me and after me, when he actually believed with Falwell on the projection screen that it was gods-vengeance-against-the-gays…

It began for me in 1987, when I began to form my own opinion about the conflicting medical data and four allegedly private, allegedly medical providers,who had allegedly used unsafe places to get medicine and allegedly unsafe practices in preparing it.

Or, completely separately my own cancer, having nothing to do with him, when I was first told I was in immediate danger of death, and then the story changed…I’d have to wait three weeks have someone actually start holding off death, to go to another hospital. God obliged, I suppose, because I lasted those three weeks.

Or a brief bit of political hilarity in 1992 when my mother in law was scandalized by the husband’s “Jessie Jackson– Jobs Peace Justice” t-shirt. He wore it to mow her lawn and drink a well deserved beer in her kitchen….he’d made quite a journey from Falwell to Jackson, and voted for Clinton…the guy who lied and then, nobody died. And then Jesse Helms sent him correspondence that informed my husband that his ticket was punched for hell. And made my husband cry.

(I think the husband wouda been a Hilary person, today…maybe Obama, maybe not.)

Was it In 1996 when I read that: Allegedly in June 1982 Six*months*after*they*were*allegedly told by the *alleged* govenment watchdog agency that they must retool, relearn the process to avoid *alleged* contamination of the *alleged medicine. that had previously not been the alleged instrument of his death, but the thing that kept him alive…

Why would anyone think I could trust a corporation after that? About anything?

Don’t trust them when they give you products and don’t trust them when you work for them.

Just don’t.

Or in 1998 when my life and Trent Lott’s intersected briefly.

He was holding up some small sliver of justice regarding my spouse’s demise and I sent him an email:

“Shame on you, Senator.”

It was, in fact my first ‘political dissent’

And then 9/11 forced us all to look at the whole world, not just our own personal little mistrusts.

2002. They make stuff up, and we start a second war. Money, disability,civilians women children soldiers….wrong war wrong place….And always my grim pragmatism outside of any moral outrage, “Who, for f***’s sake said we had *money* to give away to wage war like this?” I certainly didn’t.

Afghanistan I might have agreed with a blank check for in the beginning. (Yes, I’m the sort of bleeding heart liberal that wants Osama’s head on a pike in Times Square. I’m all soft and squishy like that.)

Not Iraq.

And even for Afghanistan: Torture? I never agreed to that.  If we torture, then *they will too.* I don’t want the torturing of US soldiers on my conscience thanks.  Gitmo? Well *that* worked out well, didn’t it.

Throwing CIA people under the bus to make political points. Ditching the Geneva Convention. More wiretapping of all of us here, so they don’t have to do it over there…Didn’t agree to that either.

The legal concept of Posse Comitatus stripped away, and not yet restored. (Habeas Corpus is on it’s way back, though. ) The politicization of the Departments of Education, Vocational Rehabilitation and Justice.

And then 2005. I admitted I was impaired and read a flood of blogs about neglect, abuse, abandonment, invisibility,disrespect…and began wishing that the Democrats would not just work for us, but know about us too.

And Katrina showed just how much this great country could do for it’s poor and/or minority and/or impaired people if they were trapped with no way out

Why would I trust that govermnent. About anything?

And (deep breath) That, family of mine, is why I am a Democrat.

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