New Words

March 15, 2006 at 11:05 AM (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Over the past eleven months or so, persons close to me have used words about me that they’ve never used before.

It’s all been done in allowed joshing or polite discussions so I’m not angry about it.

“Stubborn,” has been said of me before, so it doesn’t count as new.

“Opinionated” doesn’t count either, because it’s been said before.

“Ham” or “High Verbal” same notation.

Here are the new ones:




And I have to fight the notion to run back to those that I really want approval from, that used those words, and backpedal on items that seem to make sense to me, socially or politically that they oppose.

I won’t

The decision to go to war in Iraq forced me to actually pick a side, become a partisan leftist…I was moving that way, …but the wrong war at the wrong time for the wrong reasons….etc etc etc.

I oppose the political and religious right for more reasons than will fit on this page. Read the archives. I’m no neocon’s friend.

And, even those who stand on the same side as myself, well, my attitude is distasteful to them as well because:

I oppose abortions of convienence by wealthy people so they can avoid the trauma of having a disabled child. That’s the only choice I can find that I do oppose, but I do, and remaining silent or disavowing that opinion because many strong smart feminists say they don’t agree…can’t anymore sorry.

I’m no environmentalist. When *people* aren’t losing jobs and homes due to bad governance, bad wars, bad economic policy and a few outright evil people, *then* I’ll save the Grand Canyon, or the neighbors dog.

(Update 3/19/2006) When I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. The clock is ticking on the environment a lot quicker than I realized. Still aint my priority, but it damn sure needs to be someone’s in the next decade. CBS News won’t let me link, but they have the story tonight.

Death with Dignity, isn’t, if the disabled are the ones pressured most often and most inimically by economic or famillial interference to sign the advance directive, right here please, thank you.

Because, Good Lord, people with disabilities are invisible enough. And we’re finding out that the Internet means we have quicker access to attitudes as well as information. So we’re finding out the depth of the (instinct?,habit?desire? prevailing societal bias?) to “make them go away”

We saw the outrage and public outcry last summer when someone was mistaken for a terrorist in London and shot.

When a man with multiple disabilities is mistaken for an escaped prisoner and shot, there’s a small blurb in the local paper. That’s it.

When children and civilians are dying in a war that many many people have questions about, there’s activism and concern

When children with HIV or chronic ilness need a feeding tube to survive they’re told in a media covered story that their survival consists of abuse of the Medicaid system.

Or, a professor with disabilities that has been teaching long term…gets asked to step away from lecturing as a probable precursor to an attempt to fire them.

Or the piece of the abortion issue that the right would like to exploit and many on the left support.

The idea that the right to choose isn’t just about choosing to give birth, but choosing what kind of child to give birth to…

Yeah, rigid,nuts, and crazy. That’s the new me all right.

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Impolite, but closer to the truth

July 30, 2005 at 12:52 PM (Uncategorized) ()

This has been analyzed before, but I just felt the need to work it out here in plain language,

There’s a movement in this country, mainly driven by religious institutions that is known by the popular moniker Pro-Life…

I think a true Pro-life movement would celebrate birth, and understand that all stages of life need to be protected. Healthy food and Education for all, access for all, shelter for the hurt and abused, medical care so that all could thrive for as long as possible, and comfort for the senior. That’s pro-living. Living in the sense of experiencing, not existence alone.

Given their protests, Operation Rescues and maneuverings they seem to be to be the Duty to Give Birth Movement. They should call themselves that. I’ll call them that. The Duty to Give Birth Movement. TDTGBM.

In other words, “You must be born, but afterwards, we will not be coerced into spending money on you . (That of course goes to everyone not at the highest levels of TDTGBM.

If we’re talking about disability, they would say. “Since you probably won’t be a taxpayer for your entire working age life, we do not feel that making the social and employment playing field level for you should be a priority.. We will pray and commiserate on cue, but our wallets are our own, because we are not responsible for your disability. God only gave you existence and freedom of choice, the rest is up to you. Except of course for nursing homes. We’ll pay the extra $$ to lock you in those, instead of paying less to let you live at home.

Perhaps they’ll try the rational: [universal health care] “is not in the Constitution.”
For some of us, life wouldn’t continue, liberty would be forever impossible, and the pursuit of happiness could not be maintained without heath care. It’s in the Declaration of Independence (corrected from “Bill of Rights”) period. The founding father’s did not write Existence, vegetating alone in an institution, or waiting for that next pain pill. They wrote Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The illogic here just boggles the mind.

Worse yet, steely eyed Hollywood heroes with more money than God whine about access and redoing buildings.

The other side feels better to me. I’m part of it. (Perhaps I’ll call them the Option to Give Birth or Not movement since pro choice feels like they like buffet lunches), does tend to support us once we’re here. We have taken on some of their language. Struggle. Civil Rights. Autonomy. They work alongside us and claim kinship. It truly helps. But often it’s still the able deciding “what to do” about us. And some of the political people of the left have bought into the nursing home argument mentioned above. And one governor who wears the Democratic label can never be seen as a friend to the disabled (TennCareSitIn Day 41).

The comfort level of both sides needs to move up. They need to ‘get used’ to the disabled out and about, as they’ve begun to do since the Rehab Act and the ADA. Because once they become comfortable, we integrate far enough for a general realization that investing in employment and universal design is just as necessary as roads, policing, and armies. Just another function of society.

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