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I really wish politicians wouldn’t use disabled people to further their agendas.

To generate guilt or warm fuzzies when it is convienient, and then move right into wielding the Medicaid or Vocational Rehab ax. It’s revolting.

There’s a column here that discusses the appearance of a girl with Down’s syndrome at the Robert’s hearing. (go to the post entitled: “Celebrations)


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"Off With Their Heads!"

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Nutcase of the Day:
Or why rationed care needs to be “some of everyone” and not “more of some and less of others” and not “none of those because they aren’t important”:

Via the Justice for All Listserv:
“”Deputy Mayor: The Best Thing For Disabled Children Is The Guillotine

By Geoffrey Lakeman 24 September 2005

A TORY deputy mayor has sparked outrage by calling for disabled kids to be guillotined to avoid wasting cash on their care.

Retired GP Owen Lister made his sick suggestion to fellow councillors as they discussed sending the youngsters to a #3,000-a-week care home.Mr Lister, 79, told them: “I would guillotine them.” He has now quit as deputy mayor but yesterday stood by his outburst.He said: “I indicated at that point that perhaps the guillotine might be better.

“These are children you can’t educate. It’s merely a matter of caring for them until they die. “The only difference between a terminally ill patient and a severely handicapped child is time.”

The councillor, of Swindon, Wilts, argued the funds should instead be used to cut NHS waiting lists. He added: “It shows how peculiar we are as a society on this matter that wespend this vast amount of money caring for disabled youngsters to verylittle purpose at all.”It would be better spent on those who might actually benefit, such as cancer sufferers. We have 5,800 people waiting to go into hospital inSwindon. A percentage of those will die as a result of waiting too long.”

His remarks came as the borough council’s children’s committee debated putting youngsters in a Cornwall home. Labour councillor Fay Howard said:”There was a slight pause and looks of disbelief. Everyone was totally shocked.”Labour colleague Barrie Thompson, the committee’s vice-chairman, likenedLister to one of Hitler’s henchmen. He said: “The last time I heard remarks like that were from Heinrich Himmler.””

This gentleman needs to have a conference call with Governor Bresden of Tennesee. Preferably somewhere offplanet.

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