Meeting of the minds…

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Per AAPD :

Twenty members of ADAPT, the national disability rights direct action organization, are at the Troy district office of U.S. Representative John Boehner, demanding that Boehner set a date to meet with them on federal Medicaid spending strategy. Boehner and the Republican party want to make drastic cuts to Medicaid spending. ADAPTers say that money can be better saved by ensuring that a greater proportion of Medicaid spending be invested in home- and community-based supports.

Discussing a similar program’s savings based on caring for the elderly in their homes, In 2006 the Congressional Budget Office report estimated that:

But the truth is that CBO estimates the CLASS Act will reduce the deficit for at least the next 20 years.

So. Persons with disabilities want the Medicaid program to save money. They are onboard with that. This would, of course reduce the deficit, and save the state’s money as well.
The nursing home lobby doesn’t like that, because the flow of money would be gone…and more people would be helped outside of their walls. …but wouldn’t their clients be hit just as hard when future people they treat have their benefits cut…

I’ll be watching with interest for the answers to the following questions:

Will the Speaker set an appointment time?

Will the speaker refuse to meet with the Adapt representatives?

If there is a meeting, what will they discuss?
Will he understand that this money saver is a win-win?
I truly hope so. I hope he does meet with them with an open mind.

Speaker Boehner lives in my state. I now live in a building that has a lot of former nursing home/rehab residents in it. where stories of the nursing homes a neighbor or two left awhile ago are…without revealing details…troubling.

The folks I know are cognitively sound, making their own choices about their lives…having fun…out in the sun chatting, trips to more than just a store, parties in the building, engagement in the wider community, religious service, etc.

Engaged on the Net, or in the world. Some work, some don’t, some drive, some don’t but they’re all *interested* in what’s going on.

They haven’t lost track of time, days weeks or months. They haven’t had their belongings stolen. They haven’t been forced to take on a thief as a roommate in a nursing home…

Here they have the help they need, and their own living livable spaces. They have autonomy. And these great outcomes cost less.

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Gem from the Baucus Markup (updates through the day)

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Maria Cantwell made an excellent case for The Community Choice Act, gave an actual percentage that keeping seniors and persons with disabilitiesi in their homes is 70 % cheaper than placing them in nursing homes. ..overhauling fee for service (which I have concerns about) and the necessity of the public option

Then, “Family Values” Ensign  spoke and said that plans have “a little deductible here and there.”

Cornyn wants Medicaid and Medicare cut…hmmm no big surprise there.

Nelson Rockefeller: due to a snafu with my c-span 3 feed I only heard part of his remarks but they were a sane, sensible fact based review of the benefit of the public option.  Not confrontational yet, which is good.

Pat Robert’s R-KS won’t vote for anything that won’t attract at least 70 votes on the senate floor

He believes that doing nothing is the best idea.  He fears rationing.  States that the number of uninsured American citizens are ‘relatively few.’ States it will fund abortion (WTF?)

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For ADAPT, still fighting, and for Nick

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still in an institutional setting…

When the Community Choice Act went off the radar, I figured it wouldn’t be long until the wider issue hit some obstacles as well.

ADAPT tries for a forum for this question, folks get arrested….

The whole debate is crap, because if those of us least ‘capable’ by normal standards get locked away from living, when it would be cheaper to live in the community…*all of the other things* that progressives have been fighting for, the end of recission of policies, no more denial for prexisting conditions, a possible public option….still doesn’t give PWD’s what Thomas Jefferson said all Americans should get: not just life, but liberty as well.

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The Basics

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Dear Left:

From our understanding, you are our ally.  But like many other “Othered” it seems like unless you have a ______ in the family, your vision of civil rights, or your sense of urgency about a particular set of civil rights is limited.  The LBGT community is feeling a lot of this right now about DADT and DOMA.

Then there are “our” issues, some of which, someday as you age will affect many of you. For those few that will read this diary,  I feel strongly that you should ponder the following questions. It’s why I put them out here.

With this economy, many of you now know what it feels like to lose a job.

How would your self esteem be doing if you’d never worked at all, even with the skillsets to handle some sort of work?

We’d like to work for a living.  Many can, but don’t have the opportunity for the dignity of work.  Vocational Rehabilitation was gutted under the last administration and the disability community folks that seek work must do so through less welcoming, less accessible channels  (workforce centers for the unemployed, etc.)

We’d like to  live in our home.  It’s cheaper than institutionalization (better named “warehousing.”)  $1000  a day of taxpayers money is paying for institutionalization when in home care could be handled for much less. With the economy as it is, why in the **** are we *throwing away money* and doing it in such a way that it halts the greater good?   (The Community Choice Act, which addresses this discrepancy is currently ‘off the table,’ in the healthcare debate.)

We’d like to be able to have workarounds to handle personal care and breathe well, throughout our day. (competent available nursing care for vent dependent folk, and others.)

What would your life be like if you couldn’t access the items below?

Eating home cooked food.  Having some dominion over what tech you use to access to the internet, (or access to it at all! ) and a choice via the TV remote for what you watch.  We often have little or none of the above if institutionalized.

We’d like freedom to socialize, see friends, maybe more than friends.  Attend concerts. Hit a movie.Nothing like being institutionalized to limit your social life.  (And gods forbid, travel occasionally.)

What would your life be like without this stuff?

So many of us are in a kind of existence-stasis.

I submit that these issues don’t have the rhetorical punch of marriage rights, opposition to wars, concern over wiretaps and torture.

I submit that many of us have known the feel of prison, neglect, and even abuse, long before the debate surrounding our country’s  responses to 9/11 began.

And those with the least physical, mental, financial and emotional resources for ‘being patient’ and ‘waiting,’

Are being told to do that very thing.

Just ‘hope.’

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Community No Choice: Self Explanatory

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I find the conflation with the Eagles lyric chillingly accurate

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