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Somewhere floating around in my head I had this idea…that there must be some places where complaining about the physical effects of one’s disability sound really stupid… in a housing development where all residents have some kind of physical impairment or other.

Turns out, that’s the case for some of the folk here.  If you’ve had some sort of attachment to being ‘special,’  in the wider world,  losing it here is a good idea.    Sometimes,  too much bemoaning of your situation can earn you private scorn.  (although the folks I’ve met are always courteous to everyone who is courteous to them as regards public interaction )

I like that.  A surprising side effect is:  when complaining of these things is a faux-pas, when extended kvetching is ‘just not done.’  you tend to do it less about this aspect of disability overall.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a fair amount of conversation.

There’s plenty of active discussion about how the able do view us, positively or not…the social barriers and aspects of disabled/able interaction,  get a fair hearing.  Sometimes politics makes its way in …and the issues that everyone, able or not talks about…paying bills, what’s on sale, what social activities are ahead…family etc.

(and my newest pleasure,  local information, and the history of the housing company itself. Good stuff).

It’s a relief, really.  Good solid proof that PWD’s are just people.  With more assistive tech perhaps, but in this age of the I-Phone, the Netbook, the I Pad and Pod…I’d imagine the number of assistive tech devices is beginning to equalize between people with disabilities and the more tech-obssesed of the able.

(In other words: “I’ll see your blackberry, and raise you one power chair.” “I’ll call, because I want to see how your Kindle, I-Pad and Netbook straight stands up against my ‘hand’ of a walker, a service dog, and a mechanical bed full house etc, etc, etc. )


This isn’t one of those expensive assisted living complexes or a nursing home. The only three differences between this complex and any apartment building you might drive past,  is the fairly stark utilitarian hallways, with handrails, the only part of the place that does sorta scream nursing home… the incredibly  physically accessible features of the building and of each unit, and the number of aides seen moving through that assist neighbors with activities of daily living.

(I’m on a waiting list for such services.  After three months here, turns out there are still some things that I need assistance with.  I had the naieve idea that because of the features here,  that I could handle every single chore completely on my own.  Not quite.  I need *less* assistance than in Colorado, but unfortunately ‘none’ won’t work long term either. )

It started out pretty damn cloudy today.  I’m going to see if some outside time might work out later…chat a bit.


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