Regarding the (rumored) deal

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twixt PHArma, The White House, SEIU, and the AMA:

Many of my friends further left will disagree with me…that’s fine. I’m open to the wailing and gnashing of teeth re: single payer et. al. Makes me sad too. But, paradoxically, I rejoice when I see an attempt at a nifty bit of ruthless pragmatism, myself being a ruthless pragmatist, rather than an ideological purist.

(Trek Reference to Follow:)

If we have to make allies of the Romulans and the Klingons to kick the Dominion out of the Alpha Quadrant…if that’s the weapon we have to hand right now….

Then let’s do this thing.

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The facts of the case:

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Three things kinda ran into each other for me yesterday. I’d had a difficult discussion with a family member about why I believe as I do, and I was geniunely angry at the end of the call, so were they and neither of us wants to be so we made a great effort to smooth over those places we willl never see eye to eye on.

Dummy me. I wanted to go and get some facts, facts about the first thing to begin to push me outside of the orbit of Reagan republicans, into a neutral apolitical stance and then further in the opposite direction. To try to explain why unfettered capitalism is literally lethal. I thought maybe then I’d make some headway. Maybe I’d be able to explain, so I wouldn’t get called ‘crazy’ in my own house the next time a right-leaning relation came visiting.

And the third thing: anybody who has seen the news more than once in the last month has seen more and more documents come out, detailing what happened in the last administration. A small and growing group of memos that elicit, “Damn, we knew it was bad, but *this bad?*

Trust me. There are days one should stay away from teh Google.

Because I found a similar goldmine of information about my own personal nightmare.

Why I can’t trust a corporation (not just a pharmaceutical company, but any g-d corporation. ) Why *nobody* should ask me to.

The medicine that allegedly caused my husband’s death, contaminated Factor VIII

was made by one of the corporations discussed in this book.

(a glossary kind of note: the word “fractionators,” means the drug companies that made the stuff)

(see particularly pages 640-until a page gap at about 648?)

But, after reading the above link, I realize I didn’t know it all.

Regrettably, there is the appearance of stonewalling, willfull disregard for patients lives at the pharmaceutical company that my husband used. (It’s the one they go into the most detail about)

That, I knew.

I was one of the claimants that settled.

But unless I’m misreading this, there are some things that are new to me.

The appearance of a kind of collusion between an advocacy group, the pharmaceutical company and the treatment centers. To minimize the appearance of risk. To maintain the longstanding profitable relationships they’d had between them.

Proof that if you’ve got a good thing going, you’ll twist your moral compass to keep it going.
PR firms were hired. To polish the image of the companies that made this stuff.

On July 16th 1982 this company was first made aware that the medicine it sold could have deadly risk for its customers.

I thought there had been a six month window when they did not retool, did not start heat treating the medicine (that inactivated the HIV virius if done properly)

February 1984. That was the length of time…. July 1982 to February 1984…study groups, omission of information, at one particularly crucial meeting at the CDC on July 27 1982.

It is heartening to read about one big gun that I and my husband had spoken with, Bruce Evatt. Who was at least *trying* to get at the real answer. (Even though some of what he presented later proved untrue, it doesn’t appear he was in anybody’s pocket or deliberately soft pedaling the risk.

But he could only work with the info he had.

My emotional stability, messed up at best, started to unravel all those years ago…

My husband lost his life to this business and I lost both him and my own steady center.

Do these fools detailed in the above link even *remember* by now? No.

I’m sure they sleep well enough.

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