Well, how did I guess….

September 9, 2007 at 4:02 PM (Fat, Friends, Idiocy, illness)

took about four hours for the first “concerned” person to *ahem* *weigh in* on the reason that the roomate is suffering right now is all about the wrong choices they made…..vis a vis food, weight, since they’re heavyset too… etc.

Jeebus people.

How many times am I gonna have to write this same post?  Okay.

Number one:  People are people first and differences second.

Number two.  No one presently offering their opinion via email has the faintest idea about the road that lead to this hospitalization and the non-food factors that were involved in it….

And this is coming about a good block of time (at least three months I believe, after they ate their most recent bit of junk food.)

A tooth needs root canaling, a big job offer/possible promotion is looming, and they stopped smoking two months ago.

And for anyone who has jumped all over any really heavyset people,  when, for reasons of disease progression and health they come to the point of *making adjustments*(this includes doctors and professionals and diet divas and associates and all that)

Rome was not built in a day…

I remember during the last month and a half of my husbands life, my mom in law took on a big task (with the help of Hospice, her two daughters and myself), of caring for my husband during the rough end of life time.  She was in her early seventies at the time and had been an insulin dependent diabetic for at least ten years.  She was taking her insulin and her daughters were food policing her so she didn’t forget to eat….and on *stress* alone, even with insulin, her blood sugar hit 300 and stayed there during much of the time that Brian was there….

I really appreciate the good wishes here, and the roomate will too…

(I find it rather interesting that the good wishes come in public while the castigators sneak into the inbox.  I’ve half a mind to name names and call them out…but this person isn’t about to change the way they give advice, not after 66 years or so…)

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Saturday Fat Bashing

September 30, 2006 at 11:22 AM (Addiction, Fat) ()

…is going on over at Alas, and so I commented, but here is the corrected version of that comment. I am so completely *DONE* with the assumptions not-fat people make and can point and laugh at when a fat person comes into their sphere.

What makes me the most crazy, is since fat *is* the last acceptable point and laugh excuse, is no *matter* the reasons behind it that the strangers don’t know, *every* fat person faces the same type of discrimmination, disrespect,humiliation and shame. Once one is fat, strangers feel the need to police what we eat, what we wear, they feel they have every right to lecture us about it.
I’m a “dual eligible.” A person with disabilities that *predated* my obesity and still exist, *separate and apart from that,* that make excersize nearly impossible. (spastic pariplegia, asthma, etc) I do what I can. It isn’t enough.

I’ve been able to give up high fat foods easily…in Overeaters Anonymous parlance I have *control* over fatty foods. I can take them or leave them. so I am not “powerless” over *all* foods.

It’s my perception and belief (should apply to myself alone) that I’m a sugar addict. Not an overall food addict. Just sugar. Sugar is only one or two molecules away from the chemical composition of alchohol, and my family has a predisposition for alchoholism…so my own experience tells me that this is why a degreed, smart professional person feels helpless about ever being able to stop eating too much sugar.

I’m better at it than say five years ago, but I cannot seem to completely stop eating the low value high sugar stuff.
So what if it is an addiction for me? Alchoholics are told to simply stop drinking and given strategies to cope. Drug addicts to stop ingesting the drug.

But if one is addicted to a food that is bad for them? We *still have to go to the grocery*

It’s as if an alchoholic was told: You still *must* go to the bar every day…but only drink water while everyone around you is buying up the booze. Would any alchoholism counselor *reccommend* such nonsense? Of course not! But, for the subset of heavy people who percieve an addiction in themselves, this is precisely what society demands that we do!

And if we cannot walk into a place full of the addictive things, and walk out with chicken, turkey, soy milk and salads and a small amount of fruit…

Then, we’re “disgusting.” We have no “will power!” I wish everyone who points and laughs at fat persons would read about Health at Any Size, and about a medical root to a possible sugar/carb addiction…insulin resistance!

I’m over 300 and 5′3…the disability has made me two inches shorter than my DNA says I ought to be, so a small percentage of my problem is directly tied to things out of my control.

In order to survive cancer I had to take 50 mg of prednisone a day for nine straight months, that influenced me to eat more than I had before. I’m presently on a medication that has the single side effect of weight gain.

When food addiction recovery programs exist in such a way that processed sugar isn’t hidden in almost everything, and that I can make a choice not to shop…in other words *remove myself* from the situation entirely…then I may be able to work towards getting smaller.

Until then I won’t put up with anybody’s disgust or disrespect…To the strangers on the street “You don’t know how the **** I got here or have any idea of the difficulty of changing!” Respecting me as a person isn’t all that difficult, and frankly I demand it. That’s right. Demand it.

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Unfriendly Skies

April 25, 2006 at 5:17 PM (Fat, On Being Fat, Sizism, Travel and Accessibility)

First, no real food on a plane

Then, if you’re a big person you must pay for twice the room on some airlines…

Now, apparently if this is implemented *the seats themselves* will cost more, be *optional* or be gone alltogether.

Has *any* bright boy tried to spin this move that effectively *bans those who cannot stand* from flying???

I’ve contacted Airbus. We’ll see if I am answered.

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