September 27, 2007 at 5:56 PM (Blogging, Friends)

fellow blogger Attilla and I are going to meet up next weekend….

The first time that the blogging experience has actually generated an offline get together for me…

Greatly looking forward to it.

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August 4, 2007 at 6:49 AM (ADA Restoration Act of 2007, Blogger's about impairment, Blogging)

has launched a blog to track the progress of the ADA Restoration Act of 2007 here

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The Old Blog

July 1, 2007 at 2:27 PM (Blogging, Meta)


http://midlifeandtreachery.blogspot dot com

…will be dissapearing at the end of the month, since I’ve finally categorized and movedĀ  everything here.

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Arrows from the Inbox

June 29, 2007 at 6:09 PM (Attitude Adjustment, Blogging) (, , )

I’ve been getting jabbed right in the inbox about the content and setup and tone, and style and subject matter here lately.

I don’t need to explain why I write the way I do.

But I think I will, just to clairfy a few things.

“Why in the *** do you always sound so self important and arrogant? Don’t you know there are other people out there? The world doesn’t revolve around you!

My only answer to this is an affirmative with the caveat: Where else do I get to *sound off* arrogantly and with a bit too much self-importance? It’s my blog, aint it?

I’m more and more aware that the world doesn’t revolve around me….

“We don’t need to hear all your sad bellyaching crap. Get over it. Who cares where you came from or if you had a husband.”

I suppose not….there are many perky, cheerful, always looking on the bright side bloggers…Go read ’em. I do.

You’re making that stuff up.”

*I* *am* *not.* More on this below…

God, you’re so angry all the time. I’m sick of it.”

You’re not the only one. If people would stop being wrongheaded, I could write about beaches, flowers, puppies, candy, flowers, and funny people.


Now, here are a few reasons I write as I do. I do not present them as “correct” or “appropriate” or “right.”

They are simply *my* reasons.

Why I have chosen to make many posts autobiographical…

Offline, strangers who only know me from here in Denver have begun to *question the veracity* of my first 36 years of life back east.

One (former) aquaintance told me how ridiculous it was to think I could have ever been married and that I *made my husband up.* She says I have to provide the marriage license before she’ll believe me. When I dig it out of a box, I plan on photocopying it and sending the copy by certified mail.

The doctors disbelieve both the Hodgkins and the CP because they know that all of my troubles are weight related. Literally. I’ve been told that I don’t really have CP and that I couldn’t possibly look as I look today and have had cancer.

Persons who never knew my family members are shrill in their anger at me, and that they think I ought to be ashamed for reporting my opinions and perceptions of their life, attitudes and behaviors.

In short, this place has to have as part of it’s raison d’etre, a record that *I did not make any of it up.* If I’m too grim and stuck in the past sometimes, I’m *much less so* than ten years ago…but I feel compelled to record these things because gradually, people who weren’t there are, in a sense, *erasing* what came before. This will be here even if my medical records, my family my school records, all dissapear or become unavailable.

If people offline heard the truth and didn’t shove their uninformed desire to disbelieve me…it would be simpler easier…

And the simple fact is that when medical issues come up for me, I sound too “Medical Model of Disability,” for some emailers comfort…

My apologies for that…I’m sure that as medical issues ebb and flow for me I’ll sound less Marcus Welby and more, “Do you realize sir that your *attitude* about my impairments holds me up more than this laundry list of conditions ever could?”

And one annoying part about this blog that I apologize about…I’m just really worn out by working…and so I haven’t been able to put the effort into the long linkfests and serious Googling about impairment issues that I could before….

I still do that when I can…

Now, back to the irregularly scheduled blogginess…

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No fading away…not by a long shot

January 14, 2007 at 8:13 PM (Blogging)

Offline concerns and changes mean I’ll blog (perhaps) a bit less….or less often…or at different times of day than I usually do…

But…I’ll never stop reading the cool folk on this blogroll, and others…and by no means am I hanging it up.

I have my ideas about why several of my favorite educational/academic or political bloggers have decided to stop blogging…I have no intention of doing the same…I’m not in their situation.

One great thing about the recent controversies…there’s been more than one…is that I’ve found/met up with/began reading/linked to more cool blogs about impairment and bloggers with impairment.

I’m interested in how others ‘set to’ blogging. I have an irritating habit of stopping whatever I may be doing and heading for the microphone/computer…and putting down a first draft of something ‘right away’ before I ‘lose’ it. (Maybe it’s that touch of ADD)…

Poetry used to be easier than prose…now it’s much tougher, so the poetry space is updated much less often…

…It’s just interesting.

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