May 1, 2015 at 2:05 PM (Uncategorized)

I haven’t written one of these for Blogging against Disabilism Day in a couple of years and I’m falling down on the job. I apologize to Goldfish for not notifying her in advance that I had an idea to talk about.

I’ve just moved from an area with little transportation (other than some medical and limited specific places ) to an area with full fledged paratransit. I am applying for the service now.

I looked down this morning and saw a paratransit van pulling up to the apartment. I saw my neighbor roll out as fast as he could and onto a ramp. I don’t know where he was going. and I’m glad I don’t know because there’s so many varied answers to that. He could be going to a medical appointment and using paratransit instead of a medical ambulette . he could be going to a job part time, full time. That is the second most popular use for paratransit in this county after medical appointments.  He  could be going to do social things. Dinner. A movie…meeting friends. Having choice. The idea of leaving. The idea of going where I want to go when I’d like to go there. the idea of choosing between a couple of different social options. I’m going to be really glad the first time I get rolled out that door for something other than a medical appointment.    Not BADD at all.

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