Fresh start

April 26, 2015 at 3:00 PM (Uncategorized)

Well, new home new city. there are a lot of reasons I hate to say goodbye to the neighborhood I lived in. it was peaceful and quiet. liked the deer and the rabbits. My church home was full of wonderful folks. Neighbors with great attitudes. I’ll miss a couple of aides in particular one who worked with me since 2012 and put in two and a half months without pay in 2014 until she got reimbursed due to an insurance screw up. and also a second aide who was a great substitute and stepped in when needed. I’ll miss them both.

..,.but I felt that being in a city with public transportation and half an hour closer to my family was ultimately what was best for me. we’ll see how this goes. It is accessible for people with disabilities


  1. Fulltilt said,

    I hope things go smoothly there, though if your building is inaccessible, that is something you will have to fight with as long as you stay where you’ve landed now. Is there anything you can do?

    • imfunny2 said,

      I’m sorry Full Tilt. fixed that language to make it clear that it is an accessible building. Roll in shower, etc.

  2. Fulltilt said,

    Glad to read that…I’m trying to come up with a BADD post and about to tear hair out in frustration…

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