( No) Declaration of Independence

February 5, 2015 at 4:53 PM (Uncategorized)

So much for self directed care under the new Medicaid HMO’s.  Apparently, according to an article posted on the Columbus Ohio, NBC Affiliate’s website, Governor Kasich wants to eliminate all independent home health care workers.


Now an easy assumption to make would be that all the independent home health care workers would simply transition into agency or nursing home work, thus leaving the labor pool essentially unaffected.

Not so much. Now that this idea is getting public air,  1. any aide about to retire will simply do so once their position is eliminated.  Any aide with a skillset outside the healthcare field will use that skillset to leave the healthcare workforce…some will retrain for a new career starting now rather than take the six to eight dollar an hour paycut that will hit them when they go to work for a home health care agency.

Existing agencies cannot or will not fill the approximately 39,000 patient spots left open if the independent workforce disappeared tomorrow.  Some aides would make the transition, but not nearly enough.

I will be affected as well if this comes to pass.


I know some who have had the same independent aides for decades…this would be hardest on them.







  1. Michele said,

    Hello again, I love your blog. I am an IP and I had a sinking feeling that the Ohio Homecare program was going to be eliminated after Kasich cut our hourly rate in 2011, and then when we IPs were *totally* forgotten about during the MyCareOhio switchover debacle last year, when we weren’t being paid at all! This newest stab in the back doesn’t surprise me at all, really.

    I would like to point out, if we all go work for agencies, we won’t just be taking a pay cut in our wages, we will have to drive to several clients a day, and the agencies don’t reimburse for travel, or for errands we are required to run for the clients.

    I have been an aide since 2009, and I’ve worked as an IP for the same client for the past five years. I feel horrible for my client, she had such poor care from the agencies, that is why she went for the IP option. As for myself, I will be doing all I can to get out of this line of work. Too much exploitation, disrespect and outright danger in this line of work.

    I briefly did agency work, and it was a nightmare. You have no control over who is in the house while you are there One lady’s grown man son and his jobless buddies would sit on the couch and stare at me the whole time I was there. The client told me not to bring my purse in the house, her son was not to be trusted! Nice working conditions, not. The amount of responsibility we have in this line of work doesn’t match the pay rate, not even close. I am a single woman, no kids, so I get royally screwed at tax time, since we IPs are paid on a 1099. I make about 2 bucks over min wage after taxes.

    I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. I wish everyone caught up in this situation the best of luck.

    • imfunny2 said,

      Hi again michelle, nice to see you. I’m wondering aren’t IP’s allowed to get reimbursed on their taxes for mileage? I know you guys don’t get paid up front which is a pain but are you allowed to be reimbursed on your taxes for it which would be better than nothing? The reason I ask this is agency folks are not willing to travel to where I am except for a very few and they are few and far between. There is a local agency here thats 5 to 10 minutes away but they’re not medicare-certified and so I can’t use them. There’s another agency 5 minutes away in the other direction and they take cash only. As you might imagine I don’t have a lot of cash. They want to force you guys out and force us into facilities, and I don’t want to do that not at all.

  2. Michele said,

    Hi imfunny2, glad you still have your blog going 🙂

    The first year I was an IP, I went to a local tax guy. Apparently he was a stickler for ALL the rules of the IRS. He said I couldn’t deduct my gas mileage unless I had 5K total in deductions. Heck, my BiL is a homeowner and has kids, and he can’t manage to get 5K in deductions, either. I don’t have any write offs with this job, I don’t supply or use any equipment that I can write off, just my car to get me to the job.

    I have since found another tax person who is willing to bend the rules a bit, she writes off my mileage and gas and so far the IRS hasn’t said boo about it, fingers crossed. 😀

    The bottom line is, we don’t get paid enough on this job to justify having us all work on a 1099. It’s obvious the program is set up this way so the state isn’t responsible for paying IPs unemployment, overtime, or providing us with healthcare, among other things. And on top of that, we pay higher taxes working on a 1099, no employer matching on the Medicaid and social security taxes, we IPs pay the whole nut for both of those taxes. It adds up fast :/

    On the bright side, Kasich wants to lower the taxes on small businesses in Ohio, and according to their rules, we IPs are our own small businesses, so the tax cut should apply to us as well, ha.

    Sorry to bore you with tax talk, it’s an obsession of mine, lol. I am looking forward to getting a job that I don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore, such a headache…

    Take care 🙂

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