A good friend

January 23, 2015 at 12:34 PM (Uncategorized)

It looks like they’re going through some things. I think I could help, I wish I could help but they’ve decided not to reach out to anyone at this time. So all I can do is good thoughts. I feel as if its important to offer, and just as important, for those that are my friends, to respect their wish to keep my distance. 

So I have to fight my inclination. I don’t know about anyone who doesn’t work for money anymore and who misses the idea of working, but for me it’s planted  this ridiculous urge to be useful, in whatever way is possible on any given moment. And it’s a different level of engagement depending on how I’m doing physically, but the idea of being useful is always there.

I also realize that I need to make sure that the advice is wanted before I give it. So you take it slow you send good thoughts, and hope things work out for the best. And yes you can be useful even from a place of stillness, even from a place where movement is halted, even from a place where discomfort is a daily visitor.


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