Getting together…

November 21, 2014 at 4:17 PM (Uncategorized)

My former dog, LexiTheSchnauzer, came for a visit last week. She seems to be very comfortable belonging to two packs. There is the big comfortable yard and SchnauzerBrother and SchnauzerSister and two humans there who love her very much.
And her focus has shifted…they are her pack leaders, and she loves them and loves her home.

But every time….

When she gets to the main door of my place, the little body starts wagging, since a docked tail simply can’t express enough excitement….and this time…
I live at the end of a long hallway…the opposite end from the front door.
Her current owner let loose the leash, and LexiTheSchnauzer ran. Ran to the end of that hall,  jumped up to my lap, and kisses were bestowed on my face.

My understanding is that dogs do remember.  They remember smells, and each person has a signature.  So, she knew who I was through that method, and was pleased to see me again….

Then the process repeated with my former roommate, who was visiting that afternoon.  When Lexi lived with us, it was this former roommate that was Lexi’s Essential Person, her Favorite Human Toy, Couch and Bed…so she was appropriately happy to see her again…

Lexi does tricks, still, that we taught her.  Responds to some commands that we give her..We are touchstones for her, about the earliest part of her life as a pet.

We’re lucky we raised a smart girl…because she’s fine with the complexity of being part of two households.  It’s my understanding that that is a thing many dogs have trouble with…

So these get togethers from time to time…they feel like a family reunion.

It’s the right time of year for those.



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