This will be short

August 13, 2014 at 8:34 AM (Uncategorized)

Because the famous and the ordinary have already weighed in on this.

Chemical depression is a very real thing. I have so many family members who have dealt with it. On both sides of the gene pool. it’s a disease the same as any other. It does not denote cowardice or weakness or will in those who suffer from it. 

I’ve been suicidal twice in my life . I’m really only still here because the first time I was  inept. ( couldn’t manage to jump off a roof  correctly.) the second time I realized I needed help almost as quickly as those thoughts came.  Doesn’t make me a coward or weak willed. What I wish for anyone who has had those thoughts is that they weren’t  by themselves at the time that they had them because it seems to me that the odds of surviving suicidal ideation go up if you’re not by yourself when those thoughts come on. And that’s my only wish about Robin Williams situation is that he hadn’t been by himself when those thoughts came on.

So Mr. Limbaugh, depression is not a political attitude, contrary to what you said

And Fox News, Robin Williams was not a coward.


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