The storm that wasn’t, and the beautiful day.

July 13, 2014 at 6:39 PM (Uncategorized)

Pooh on the Weather Channel. It said bad t storms were starting at 1215 today in my zip code. 60 percent chance…Didn’t go to Mass so chair wouldn’t get soaked.

Except there was no storm.

On the upside it’s been a beautiful afternoon. Also productive. I love being home.
One last visit from friends I’ve known for 23 years.

Lots of chair to chair transfers. The walker is now just necessary for theraputic stand and walk, the arms are strong enough to handle it during the day. At night, when I’m leveraging and half asleep I still need the walker. I need to take great care when I’m half asleep and need to do activities. (I tend to remember the physical therapist’s advice at night on exactly how to move to stay safe.)

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