Caresource does it again.

July 12, 2014 at 8:28 AM (Uncategorized)

My nighttime aide has stopped getting paid. She has faxed the claims in question more than 4 times to Caresource her billing services they’ve been sent over Caresource says they’ve never been received and that party line has been giving to her no less than three times. There is another billing system she can use which she is testing right now but that system which is directly from caresource has no place for her to enter the Medicaid spend down which is necessary to be counted before her hours can be paid. There’s literally no field on the computer screen and caresource that allows for the entry of the spend down. She’s been on the phone every day with him for several hours this is the problem for dual eligibles people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid who were forced into the Medicaid HMO by the change in state law are having to deal with.  Because of this change over according to my case worker there are 92 other people that he has responsibility for that are all suffering similar issues. Again this is unacceptable. When you agree to take on maintenance of Medicaid patients your computer system should be ready to handle provider payments and client advertising  for help. Caresource  system clearly isn’t ready for all this so much so that it was shut down Friday night when I needed to get a prescription filled. Brother.


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