Political, and other kinds of theater

July 11, 2014 at 8:53 AM (Uncategorized)

To the most evil disabled man alive also known as the ex-boyfriend: Look, I know you are in a bind and you’re scared of going to #NursingHomeprison, who wouldn’t be. But there are two things I will not allow you to do.  Number 1 assign any fault to me for the fact that you have to go into a facility. You’re 1300 miles away. I have tried to help you as much as sound advice and an email full of information possibly could have. The fact that life is now going to result in you getting medical care in a skilled nursing facility its not my fault.

And secondly do not condescend to me about my politics. I know that a lot of folks that I know on the other side think that the only reason I hold my politics is truly emotional. While it there and has always been there it is certainly not the only reason I find myself left of center. I imagine folks on the other side particularly my three favorite Republicans in the world that are close family members would have  intellectually based reasons for being where they are politically speaking. So don’t even metaphorically par me on the head and say that the only reason I am left of center is because of the manner in difficulty of death of my late husband.  That accuses me single issue thinking. That is not how I handle my politics now at all. So please don’t presume to metaphorically pat me on the head and think to yourself, ” oh the poor woman, she would have been one of us if it weren’t for the dead guy.”



  1. Attila the Mom said,

    Oh geez, what an ass! Hope you’re doing well Girl! (otherwise, I mean)

  2. Gerald said,

    It is interesting how often women are accused of holding political views for emotional reasons…

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