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I know that this touches on most of all, the need for proper diagnosing assessment and placement of those with moderate to severe mental illnesses.

This is going to sound like bigotry towards those with more severe mental illnesses thanmyself and I don’t know how not to make it sound like that but here’s what went down today in my apartment complex.

My home health aide was arriving and noticed that another resident was staring at her. She got out of her car and went to the front door to ring a keypad that allows me to buzz her in. At that time the resident of my building who had been staring at her went up to the front door,approached her, and used a racially tinged obscenity and a curseword towards her and gave her a look she described as violent.

I had had an encounter with this resident the evening before. While she was not violent toward me it was very clear that she was rather disconnected from what was going on and anxious about her financial situation. I had overheard a law enforcement officer who was visiting her in regard to another incident advise her after she admitted she was on a medication regimen to get back on those meds and take them regularly.

After this morning incident my aide spoke to our custodian about it. She was concerned and she decided to file an incident report about this. It is also worth noting that the same resident was visited by the local law enforcement for leaving trash in places that trash wasn’t it supposed to be left in. I believe my aide. I’ve only known her a month but she seems to me to be reliable and accurate. And she said to me just after the incident,” I haven’t been called the N word since junior high, what’s up with that? ” 

How does this have the potential to affect me badly since I wasn’t even there? Well my aide could take sometime to deliberate and decide that she does not want to work in an environment that she clearly views as hostile  and rightly so. Given how hard it has been to get a morning aide it will be very hard to replace her. Or the resident could direct their hostility towards me because it was my aide who filed a report against them. It is worth noting that, in the vast stack of paperwork that is the house rule for these apartments mental competency to manage one’s own affairs is something that they specifically require. It is not assisted living. if apartment management  conclude subjectively that an individual resident does not have that capacity regardless of a medical diagnosis to the contrary, they can evict said resident.

I do not want to be the cause of anyone being kicked out of here, but an employee of mine feels unsafe and I myself feel vulnerable in case a person who is presently unstable directs anger toward me.

So if this resident is in fact evicted… I will feel better about it.  I’ll feel bad about it in a general sense because the real problem here was inadequate discussion with the social worker who signed the application form and incorrect placement of this tenant who I believe at least this time needs a little more supervision. Aside from their accessibility features these are regular apartments and go by the same rules as just any apartment complex you might meet there’s no oversight and there shouldn’t be. As I’ve said jubilantlyl before this week this is not #nursinghomeprison it’s a regular place to live and involves the hazards of same.



  1. Barbara said,

    It’s certainly lucky for you that not all the residents of your building are so quick to wish someone who’s loud, rude and abrasive, to be evicted or rush to complain to the management. Especially when one is clearly aware of their intellectual, and emotional issues. Also, you clearly have trouble dealing with home health aides on a personal level. Not one other resident has had as much trouble as you in securing and keeping aides and one has to wonder if that isn’t more due to your own personal issues when dealing with other people than any flaw in the system. It isn’t a coincidence that you have so many complaints about nursing homes staff, home health aides, neighbors, and folks out in the world you deal with. I’ve been in a wheelchair for over 14 years now and have NEVER been treated rudely when out and about. Yet you complain constantly that you are being stigmatized and demeaned in someway. That the world is just so unfair to handicapped people. You define yourself by your search for pity. When I shared your latest rant with another resident, their first response was, ” Funny coming from the biggest nut out here!” Indeed, it is the classic case of the pot calling the kettle. I too have been met with this resident stare and realized she needed help. However, I got Adults services to come and offer to help her acquire her meds that she was lacking instead of rushing to management evict her. With the way the other residents view you personally, and the way you and your “guest” that judging from the number of days over the allowed limits that seems to stay there, you are quite lucky we all aren’t so intolerant.

    • imfunny2 said,

      Needy? I don’t perceive myself as such, so, I’ll dissagree on that.

      As to the matter of my guest she had a long stay 3 weeks in 2012 which I got permission for she stays over a single night in a row I have also always gotten written permission for she does, on the weekends and stay over one night each weekend I don’t believe that if in fact it is or has been I will certainly remedy that. Yes I complain about being in a nursing home it was hard I’m allowed to complain. I got rid of my dog when It was asked of me I will get rid of my friend too if its in violation of the rules, she is Here to cover the caregiving time that I have on Saturday and Sunday. certainly my understanding from management is that I have not been in violation of the guest rule at this time.

  2. Sue said,

    You have to remember the difference in complaining and voicing your opinion. You have never just voiced you opinion with out going on and on with it. I have never in 20 + plus years of doing home health have I seen one individual that is so bitter with life. You come up with one illness after one to make others think you are so bad off. When bottom line is you are just fishing for sympathy. I have worked with both agency and as an independent aid and when you are assigned a case they give you the times the service is needed and you are to be there then. And an agency works extra hard to find help for those that needs the time in the AM and PM, because they knew that from the beginning when they took your case if you are that dissatisfied with the agency you have you have the right to look for one that will service you at the time you need to be service. When you first moved out the where you live at now I know for a fact that people tried really hard to become friends with you but as you had stated in the posting above about the other resident with moderate to severe mental illnesses we tried to over look that in you when you were included in group settings on the patio. But you always had to go on and on with you different illness because you were unique. Did you ever look at the others in the group and see that most of them were in wheelchairs, too? Did you ever thing they had some health issues going on but they never complained like you did all the time. So don’t think you are better than anyone else you have problems out there and some gets help for them and tries to work through them with out blaming society and face the facts. Hope you have a nice day!!!

    • Barbara said,

      Well said! A very accurate portrait of Jean.

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