Conventional thinking

July 9, 2014 at 8:31 AM (Uncategorized)

So it appears that in 2016 the Republican convention will alight here in Ohio in Cleveland. This will be the only time I discuss this on the Internet other than commenting on other people’s thoughts about it. I  imagine there will be some revenue brought in that will help the city so I’m grateful for that. Otherwise it just makes me want to hunker down one county away, turn off the lights, lock the door and listen to NPR  in the dark.

And I will be angry because I think the national news coverage both left and right will do a disservice to Cleveland. It will not be portrayed accurately at all by either “side.” I anticipate that one news network will spend little time highlighting the city successes in business, which given it’s slant would be what it should do.., instead it will acknowledge the economically depressed areas of the city by blaming their inhabitants for all the areas

The other side could go several directions none of them helpful. it could bemoan the difficult areas of the city, making the comparison of Detroit lite and make it a pity fest every time they venture outside the convention venue. It could gloss over the real difficulties of the city and focus only on the remade downtown and none of the cool local stuff that Cleveland should be known for. Or both networks could just settle in mediocrity and sit there trading tasteless Cuyahoga River jokes all night. 

I would love to see a few insightful stories about small business success is in Cleveland, or some witty puff piece about the irony of the Republican convention being held in one of the bluest counties of the state… or  the intersection of union labor and convention setup. That’s what either side of cable media should be doing when they’re here but they won’t.


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