Settling in

July 3, 2014 at 5:54 PM (Uncategorized)

Here at home for about a month now apologies for lack of blogging but some of this stuff is just so difficult that it takes up the space in my head normally reserved for blogging. Getting nursing 1 doctoring and home health aide setup has been challenging and some days more trouble than it’s worth.

Regardless though living in the community however difficult it is is so much better and so much easier then living in a nursing home. In a way, that probably sounds counterintuitive because in a nursing home you are fed your dress your personal care needs are met all without effort on your part. But surrendering to that culture of dependence can be the first step towards losing your mind.

So I’m at home I have brief times of the day anywhere between one and six hours depending on the pain in my foot where I can sit up in my powerchair , go outside and go shopping, or sittin from my big screen and complain of the television.  The rest of the time I’m in bed with my feet up. That sounds like a terribly limiting existence (and it is) but it is so many levels above Nursing Home existence it’s like two different universes. I prefer the one I’m in at present and intend to stay there.

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