It’s time to stop.

June 14, 2014 at 9:37 PM (Uncategorized)

I’ve been getting an unusual reaction from some quarters now that I’m home. Several felt they needed lto teach me a lesson to make sure that I understand that had I gone to the hospital 4 days earlier the cellulitis could have been a minor blip instead of 6 months of hell .

I have been completely acutely aware of the consequences of that egregious error for nearly the entire 6 months that I’ve been bouncing around nursing homes etc. And as for karma because of that too long wait I think I’ve paid enough without being lectured about it.

When I think of the bad medical choices that other people have made,  even by some of the people who are lecturing me,  it boggles the mind.

We all make mistakes, and yes this was a costly one born in part out of a desire to deny just how serious this lymphedema is. It was very clearly explained to me by my lymphedema therapist that cellulitis was one of the things to guard against and the signs to watch for.

Needless to say watching will be very important in future. This is something I will trust my nursing staff in my home health aide to keep track of, while I do the work of keeping track of my temperature…

Lecture not necessary.

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