Dear Therapist

May 22, 2014 at 2:42 PM (Uncategorized)

, you’ve noticed, have you not that I have no cognitive problem. That I’m aware of my surroundings and I can watch my physicality. That I can be mindful of it and now after much work, compensate for it. If I say I can move it a certain way without risk I can I have not fallen since last October 2 months before my captivity began. I have not over done anything.  I have been in therapy gradually relearnimg the skills I need to leave this place . It appears you are placing artificial limits on my ability to depart. Don’t think I don’t know what you are doing. This facility  would like nothing better then continuing to collect the increased therapy visit fees allowed under my Medicaid HMO caresource. But I’m not into subsidizing your salary or this building. That’s not why I’m here. I am here to hone a limited set of skills and then take them to the world and use them as I please. You very well know I will have help and I can document with texts and Facebook messages if necessary to the people involved who have agreed to start working for me when I leave. In other words I’d much rather pay them than you. they only have to care for me as opposed to me and 14 other people. 

If I get any more indications that the barriers to my leaving are artificial and set up to financially benefit  this facility…..
… Well, let’s just say you’ve never worked with me before, & I have some moves you may not have seen.


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