I am so sorry

May 19, 2014 at 9:04 PM (Uncategorized)

I am so sorry for the inconvenience of these changes. But my life has changed. My ability to move has changed.  My ability to dress has changed. and my ability to do the most private things has also changed. That means that if you want to see me you’re going to have to come to my place. If you want to know about my life you will have to come to me. Travel is out,  even some local celebrations.  I am not attempting to be difficult, this is simply the way it is.

I understand that your lives are different ; that you have little experience with what I’ve dealt with, and what I’m going to be dealing with in the future.

If you cannot visit with me in person I suggest using Skype which is much more satisfying than a phone call because you can see the face of the person you are speaking with.
I understand there’s also something called Snapchat which I don’t have yet that is a similar service.

I still believe that it’s worth your time to visit or communicate with me. My physical therapist told me they haven’t laughed so hard in months.  So my current value lies in my being entertaining. Being entertaining  is my last real job .I can still do that well even in my limited circumstances. That is a value inherent in coming to see me .
I will always continue to work on exercise and my health because after 5 months of it I recognize it needs to be done. I do have a note for my exercising  family. I have not experienced the endorphin rush that is supposed to come with exercise. It just gives me muscle fatigue. That is a positive result according to my therapist it means something is getting done but I don’t think I even buy the endorphin rush idea for exercise. I don’t believe it  but I’m doing what good I can for myself physically and mentally and will continue to do so if I get home.

I will be interested to find out how many connections I keep long-term once I am home.


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  1. bridgett said,

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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