I see the outside worlders…

May 17, 2014 at 12:21 PM (Uncategorized)

Doing drugs and alcohol deliberately to screw up their lives or having a dramatic meltdown about things that I’ve seen as small potatoes, small ball simplistic stuff.

Don’t like the way your house looks?  Find a decorator quietly and invite us over afterwards.

Don’t like the way your child is doing in school? encourage him. Check for tutoring opportunities,  watch his mental health, be there,  oversee him. Of course if there’s some medical issue  that’s affecting his grades address it.  Don’t sit too long in denial.

If you don’t like your marriage, end it in a civilized manner and find another  partner.

And by the way the economy is still bad. Which means check yourself before you leave that job without having another.if there is  a valid reason of course do what you need to. Do so mindfully. Check yourself and your actions before you take that leap without having something else lined up first. Keep your car running in your rent paid.

There that’s my advice take it or leave it.

I’m busy trying to make a plan for home and survive another 3 weeks here which I would bet is tougher than almost all the scenarios listed above.

Do I sound like a victim today? Certainly I do. Because right now in this instance that is what I am.


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